Hello, hello, hello

Sorry about that.  I’ve been off of the net a lot lately, settling into and adjusting to a renewed life in Iraq.  While it is saddening to be away from home and my awesome wife and kids, It’s good to be back in my old familiar second home.

So, let’s talk about a few things.

I am spending some time every week talking with others about IBOL.  From what I’ve seen and heard, it sounds as if IBOL3D can remain below the radar.  And I like that.  I have found partners in arms in Baghdad and I think in Anbar, in the military and maybe even in the embassy.  I’ve at least found what I think are good contacts with which to move forward.

What will IBOL3D look like?  I think it may well turn into a multi-phased operation.  I think we may be able to kick off IBOL3D earlier, and that it’ll happen in waves.  It won’t be one mailing address, it’ll be a few.  It won’t be to one place, it’ll be to a few.  It won’t be a little bit neat, it’ll be awesome.

And speaking of awesome, I have been neglecting to put out reminders about the awesome $26 challenge.  My little envelope of $1 bills is growing very nicely, thank you very much.  How is yours?

Oh, and before I forget — some eye candy.  I am indeed alive and well.







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3 Responses to “Hello, hello, hello”

  1. gail norback Says:

    Happy New Year!! We have been wondering if you were out of range for writing. Hope all is well and you are leading a semi-quiet life. Glad to hear the new IBOL plans are shaping up. Gail

  2. obscure Says:

    Happy New Year! You are indeed looking well. I am looking forward to IBOL3D, saving my pennies, fabric, yarn, etc. I hope that I will be able to recruit more folks to join in.

  3. stephanie allgood Says:

    May we all work for Peace in 2011!! Tell your family we appreciate them, and keep us posted for IBOL!!

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