We have a bundle count!

if you view this from the main IBOL webpage, you’ll be able to look to the right side and see the bundle count.  It’s near the top, just under the listing of the various pages (About Me, FAQ, How to build a spy plane, Why cats barf, etc).  No, I’m not going to give the bundle count here — go see for yourself!


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4 Responses to “We have a bundle count!”

  1. Jane Says:

    OK, it is a start. Mine should be one of the 10. This will be fun to watch as it grows. Looking forward to the next event…Stay safe.

  2. gail norback Says:

    FINALLY!!! I got my car unstuck from a huge drift and got my boxes and today I sent two of them! What a relief to get them off.sorry to be later than planned. Gail Thanks again for all you are doing !!

  3. dawn Says:

    i sent off two bundles on Tuesday, 2/8/11. thanks for keeping us posted about IBOL’s progress!

  4. Rachael Says:

    I sent mine out today. But for some reason my reply email to you is not sending. I’ll keep trying (I’m sure it’s a temporary glitch!). But that’s one more in the mail!

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