Bundles in the mail

So far, I’m tracking a little over 110 bundles in the mail, en route to Iraq.  Those are the ones I’ve been able to confirm – the sended said to me, “Yep, I mailed them on XXXXX.”

I’ve heard from almost 80 of the almost 200 people who contacted me about IBOL3D.  From those 80, they’ve said that they plan to send about 275 bundles — or a little over half of the goal.

I sent out a bunch of emails, to the other 120ish folks, to see what they’re planning to put in the mail, and to see what they actually have put into the mail.  So, some of you may be getting a note from me today.

Happy weekend, everyone.  Be safe.


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8 Responses to “Bundles in the mail”

  1. Cathy Winter Says:

    Hope you’re contacting me soon with the “send to” info.
    Meanwhile, take care!

  2. Jo-Anne Says:

    Found the box. Filled the box. Into the mail tomorrow!! It’s a contagious excitement. Already thinking of the next bundle in the next wave – need to find one to fit the knitting needles! From Ontario, Canada.

  3. Sally Wright Says:

    Please send me the address so i can send another bundle this tiem.


    Sally Wright

  4. lorna Says:

    Hi Art – Will you please email me the shipping information? I would like to put a bundle in the mail this week. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Ann E. Ruthsdottir Says:

    I sent you an email. I too am waiting for the address. I didn’t save the one from last time because I thought it might change.

  6. Katherine Oler Says:

    I would appreciate getting the address to send the bundles… I have two ready to be sent and have 2 more in the works…

    Thank you for letting me be part of the IBOL… It does my heart good to have the fabric and notions go to the women of Iraq who can use them for their families and communities!!

  7. Cynthia I Says:

    I finally have one ready to send. Can you send me the address and I’ll drop it in the mail today or tomorrow. Thanks!

  8. Marsha Says:

    Made a bundle 🙂
    Mailed a bundle;0)
    Made another bundle:)
    but can’t mail it as I can’t
    find the address:(
    Please send it again

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