The high score

So, what’s the high score, you ask?

That’s a very “guy” question, I know.  Guys ask things like that.  But I’ll tell you anyway.

31.  The high score right now is 31.

When the planets align, and there’s a full moon (go check), and there’s cash in the wallet, and a stash to be busted, the high score becomes 31.

By the way — I am in awe.  You all see how giddy I get over one box, or photos of a bundle being made.  31 boxes?  Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Anyway, i think I am caught up on email right this second.  Which means I should log off before more start to come in.  I’ll be on the road for a couple of days, so understand that it’ll be quite time for me – no emails, no twitter, no FB, nothing.  I’ll be…. reading a book, I guess.  Is that what that’s called?  I mean, it’s one of those bound paper thingies, like pre-Kindle.  So, I’ll check back in, in a couple of days.  If you need the address, leave a comment — just know that it’s going to be a couple of days again before I can answer it.


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18 Responses to “The high score”

  1. Maryann McEvoy Says:

    Hi IBOL Guy, I sent my box off today. Thanks for doing this, it works for the givers too! Stay safe!

  2. Kathleen Killinger Says:

    I’d like to send a bundle. Please send me the wherefors and howtos. 🙂

  3. Janet Mease Says:

    I’ll have a few boxes to send soon… can you please send an address?


  4. Mary Says:

    I’m a little late this time, but can you send me the address? Hope you enjoyed the book!

  5. Ruth katz Says:

    Great idea. Please send the address and instructions about sending.

  6. mary f Says:

    please send me the contact info…lost of good stash waiting for a good home…I’ve always known too late before, so please send me contact and other appropriate info, thanks, mlgf

    • mary f Says:

      oops, too late tonight, edit post to say “lots of good stash”…nope I haven’t lost the stash, just my spelling ability…ml

  7. Sujata Says:

    What a great project! I’ll get a bundle ready for the next shipment. Please send the address. Thanks!

  8. PJ Miles Says:

    Please, the address, again

  9. Mira Says:

    Hi, thanks for doing it again! I am a little late to the party, but could you send me the address if it’s not too late to mail a box or two?

  10. Cleo Says:

    Hi, I tried posting a comment before, but I guess it didn’t show?
    I have already prepared 2 boxes of fabric. Please send me the address so I can mail them out asap! Thanks.

  11. Nanette Says:

    Ready to unload my stash..please send the address

  12. Katherine Oler Says:

    Please send me the APO address…
    I have two ready to send and one more in the works… I am sending them but the count credit will go to Stephanie Allgood since I heard about this from her…
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

    Katherine Oler

  13. Mary Johnson Says:

    Hi there – I thought I posted on here or somewhere that I’d like to send a bundle, but Ihaven’t heard back about an address or guidelines. Please send info – I’ve got my bundle of material ready to ship and I’m recruiting family to send more! Thank you for your service to our country and to the world.


  14. Ming Says:

    Hey, we’re stationed in S. Korea and I get free APO to APO mailing. I also am an expert navigator of the biggest fabric market in Asia (maybe even the world?) in Seoul. Send me the info and I know we can do at least one box from here 🙂

  15. stephanie allgood Says:

    I didn’t put together 31 by myself!! I just put the word out to friends, neighbors, my quilt group, my church group, and it’s WONDERFUL to see how generous everyone is!! More to come in June!!

  16. Erin Fitzgerald Says:

    I’d love to send a bundle – please email me the info.

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