300 and counting

Just a quick note.  I had a few more people check in today; there are a hair over 300 bundles en route.  We’re getting there, folks.

Fun and excitement here in iraq, if sarcasm is allowed.  There are calls for protests in Baghdad and elsewhere, for this Friday.  Could the fires of Tunisia and Egypt be spreading to Iraq?  Well, we’ll all need to wait until friday to see — Iraq is one of those places where you need to wait and see it to believe it.

Exciting times, though.


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6 Responses to “300 and counting”

  1. stephanie allgood Says:

    Hi- I have 9 more boxes ready to mail- I was planning on waiting until the big push in June, but do you need me to mail them now instead? I can break into my piggy bank if necessary! 😀

  2. Anne Wilkins Says:

    I sent a box of 25 yards of fabric yesterday, the 23rd.

    Lots of 4-yard pieces with some smaller bits.

  3. Melissa Says:

    I’m ready to start an IBoL. Tell me what to do!!

  4. Vineta Says:

    I’d love to get the mailing address so I can help out! I have two bundles all ready to go!

  5. sandra Says:

    I put boxes in mail today

  6. Karina Casines Says:

    I’m in! Honestly, it doesn’t matter who it goes to, I just want to help. Tell me what to do next! I shall start compiling my bundle in the meantime.

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