Day of Rage: Well, this could be interesting

The press says that Friday is suppose to be a day of nation-wide protests here in Iraq.  I happen to live in Baghdad, home to a LOT of people and the seat of the government.

How is this going to play out?  The PM went on TV today to urge everyone to stay home; the protests, he said, are going to be the tools of the Ba’athists (meaning Saddam’s old cronies) and Al Qaeda in Iraq (meaning terrorists).  Muqtada al Sada, the fiery but young son of the former Grand Ayatollah, returned to Iraq this week and called for his followers to not take to the streets on Friday in protests, urging them instead to have patience and give the new government time to make improvements.

Me, I just wonder if my internet connection is going to be cut.  Oh, the irony I’d find in that — the American, again in Iraq, sitting quietly while Iraq either shows the world the greatness of democracy, or the horrors of tyranny.

Keep your fingers crossed, and watch the news!


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3 Responses to “Day of Rage: Well, this could be interesting”

  1. Maryann McEvoy Says:

    Sending my prayers that all will be safe.

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Well, thanks. I’m tucked in, away from the people and the crowds. I offered to take the spirit of the protesters, and march on our higher HQ, but my boss thought that might not be appropriate.

  2. stephanie allgood Says:

    World Peace sure is messy, isn’t it? I’m sometimes discouraged by how little we seem to learn from generation to generation! But thanks for doing what you can, and letting us help in a small way.
    Be safe!

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