Growing IB♥L3D: I need your input


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25 Responses to “Growing IB♥L3D: I need your input”

  1. diane phillips Says:

    I just voted, “other”—I think that it doesn’t matter whether one group gets all of the bundles or whether you spread the wealth—the Iraqi people need our help, and being on the ground there, you are the best judge of where these bundles would make the most difference. Whereever the bundles go, I’m confident that there will be people wearing clothing made from American sewers stashes and we are loving the fact we can give it somewhere where it will all be used. Thanks for letting us help out—very grateful for that.

    • Alison Skier Says:

      I also voted for “other” as I agree with Diane on relying on your expertise. Thanks so much for the opportunity to help. And Diane, thanks for posting on your blog….my friends and I sent 9 boxes because of your blog. 😉

    • Sara Schmidt Says:

      I agree with Diane, where ever it will do the most good at the time you have them. Totally confident that Art will select the best place.

  2. Lisa Quintana Says:

    Boy Art….talking about making it hard….how does one decide? I hope that whoever gets it uses it in happiness and knowing that we are sharing and that we wish them the best.

    Oh…right…we’re supposed to be helping you decide…. Maybe rock,paper , scissors???? I don’t mean this to be flip, but what a brain buster.

  3. Robin Ferrier Says:

    Pardon me for asking this question, but just why would one want to reward an area where Americans are attacked at a higher rate?

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Robin, it’s a bit complicated. Let me make time to come and write a longer explanation. The short answer, though, is that delivering bundles into areas where there is a higher rate of attacks (on Americans or Iraqis), would serve as a means for getting the Iraqi security forces into the area to engage the people living there. To meet with them, to talk with them, to maybe share some tea, shake some hands. Outsiders may be using the area as an attack zone; their friends in family in the area maybe be conducting the attack themselves. No matter — this puts the ISF into the area at times other than 2 Am and doing things other than kicking in doors to arrest people. Attacks on Americans are still acts of violence, as still crimes in Iraq, and still produce damage to the Iraqi infrastructure and injure / kill Iraqis, too. That’s just a short answer; I owe you a longer one.

  4. fallingforpieces Says:

    Talk about tough choices you’re facing. I think any of those groups would be deserving, but I think areas where attacks are higher (both to Iraqis or Americans) might have a really powerful impact. I’d like to think that if people living in areas of attack see that there are Americans who really care about them, perhaps they’d be less likely attack Americans.

  5. Kristin L Says:

    I’m voting for co-ops and small businesses because presumably bundles would help them with their businesses and their businesses would help the rest of their communities. Though, I don’t think IBOL could do wrong with any of the choices. My second and third votes would be to teh poor and to areas with a greater number of attacks on Iraqis.

  6. The Slapdash Sewist Says:

    I truly can’t decide! I am into the idea of the areas most hostile to Americans. What I love about IBOL is that it creates a connection on a person-to-person level. It’s harder to hate a group when you have a connection with just one person in that group. BUT I wouldn’t want to put soldiers–American or Iraqi–in additional danger to deliver the bundles.

  7. Pat K Says:

    There are so many Iraq war widows and orphans, perhaps a bundle of sewing materials will assist in starting a small business or at least give them something to make and sell to support themselves and their children. Perhaps this will make it possible for them to have homes and not have to beg on the streets or be forced into prostitution (Muslim “temporary marriages”) to feed their children. I have read statistics that estimate over 740,000 widows in Iraq only a small percentage of which receive any government aid. Of women between the ages of 15 and 80 an estimated 1 in 11 is widowed and few have families left to help them. I’d like to send a bundle to those widows.

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      I’m actually kinda glad to see Windows scoring fairly well. They’ve been on my mind. As I understand it, culturally, they are suppose to be taken back in by their extended family / tribe. But that’s been hard here for so long — under the old regime, under sanctions, with the war, with the ongoing economic struggles. Gwen, in her infinite wisdom, did hit on one of my common thoughts — no mater how this plays out, it’s a good thing. But widows have always had a special place in my heart.

  8. Ellen Says:

    Art – Your question requires the wisdom of Solomon to answer – therefore, I’d like to leave it up to you! Very hard question. I voted, but I feel that each group is deserving. Thanks.

  9. Gwen Says:

    My first thought is that you know a heck of a lot more about the situation there in Iraq than I do – and the project was your brain child to begin with! – so I trust your judgment on this one. 🙂

    Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear… 😉

    My second thought is that, while there might not be a single best answer, the beauty of this situation is that there is no wrong answer. Every bundle you put into an Iraqi’s hands that was packed with love by someone somewhere else in the world is a small step forward – regardless of which of those categories that Iraqi could be assigned to.

    So I would say – don’t sweat this too much. Just go with your gut. I bet I can speak for most everyone when I say that we trust you and whatever you decide will be good. 🙂

    All the best,

  10. Bundles and areas of higher rates of attacks « Iraqi Bundles of Love Says:

    […] Iraqi Bundles of Love « Growing IB♥L3D: I need your input […]

  11. Ann J Says:

    I agree with Gwen–I trust your judgement! Though if taking bundles to the areas most under attack gives our soldiers a better chance of connecting with the community, I might go for that. (They may be safer and glad to have a slightly different mission to do in those areas.) I also feel for the widows, who are the hardest hit I think, given the cultural issues around who takes care of them.

    Thank you for asking, but whatever you do is great!

  12. Heidi Says:

    I voted “other” because I think that those of you on the ground there know where these little bundles of love might make the most positive impact. I think that you and your peeps on the ground living there are the most capable of making a decision like this! *g* On paper All areas listed would be the perfect group to get these bundles. We all know that you guys will make the best choice, how can you go wrong!?

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Well, thank you. I still thought it was worth asking. I think these things are worth talking about, too. Kittehs, cute kids, fabric, and stuff are important, too, but the why counts for something.

      • Heidi Says:

        Yes it does. I think the why is very important. I love that you ask for our input, everyone comes from different backgrounds and see things slightly differently. IMO, those on the ground in the effected areas are going to be the ones that know more about it. I just wanted to say Thanks for asking, it does mean a lot, but I don’t think that any of us are going to be disappointed with whatever group ends up with them-all are worthy.

  13. SJ Says:

    It was a tough choice between widows and orphans. I voted for orphans.

  14. Rosalie Griffin Says:

    Can we help? My daughters and I wold love to commit to at least one bundle.
    Thanks for the good work!

  15. Carol Crosswhite Says:

    I voted “the poor” because to me that’s the most all-inclusive category; widows and orphans certainly fit under it. I agree with other respondents that you are the best judge of where the needs are and where distributions could be most helpful. I’m gearing up to help with the next iterations of IBOL already. It is so satisfying to know that the bundles go directly to people who can use them. Thumbs up to the creative minds who thought this up and came up with the mechanisms that make it work.

  16. Melanie Says:

    I couldn’t decide, so I chose other. I think that all of the choices are good options, but I think that areas with the higher rates of violence (toward Americans or Iraqis) would probably be most in keeping with the IBOL purpose. The bundles create a bridge between the people and the security forces…

  17. Jean S Says:

    I voted for the widows, but really, it has to be your call. You’re there; you know more than the rest of us put together….

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