Giant Registry of IBOL Awesomeness

I have been doing some records keeping, sending emails out to people.  As you all have left comments and asked for the address, I have created the Giant Registry of IBOL Awesomeness.  So, Sunday was mass email day, and this week is going to be lots of emails with lots of you about lots of things, to include some small talk about bundles, widows, cookies, reading glasses, the new movie Sucker Punch, and obligatory talks about the therapeutic value of cats and ice cream.

I love the Giant Registry of IBOL Awesomeness.  It’s full of awesome people.


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6 Responses to “Giant Registry of IBOL Awesomeness”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I am so glad I found this site. I will be working on my box tonight, and ship it by WEdnesday of this week. I’m really excited to hear about the ice cream discussion!!

  2. jeanne lese Says:

    Dear Mr IBOL Guy,

    Add two more boxes to the travelling tally! Hope I sent the right kinda stuff.

    Suggestion: It would help lots of “newbies” like me if you mention the need to fill out a detailed CUSTOMS FORM for each box! I arrived with boxes taped to go. I confess I didn’t uptape them to count stuff. I guessed, I admit it, and hope the evil customs people don’t expect an accurate tally. [“Hmmm the form says 10 spools of thread and there are only 8! And the sewing machine needles aren’t listed!”]

    Please add a few words about CUSTOMS to the “build a bundle” section. That’s the time for us mailers to remember what we’ve put into the box! [If you talk customs somewhere, I couldn’t find it.]

    Hope two Iraqi ladies will make good use to my stuff. If you see two women carrying black fabric totes from the California Academy of Sciences, you’ll know where they came from.

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      I will do more than that. I’ll update the template from which I send people their first email about IBOL. Between those two things, word should get out.

  3. Jo-Anne Says:

    I am guessing you don’t have to be THAT specific, but it’s a good point to remember generally what’s in the bundle. I put in 8 new turquoise zippers I found, for a song. It must make for interesting reading for the customs clerks. It is exciting to think about what to put in them. Fabric totes are an excellent idea – must remember that one.

  4. CC Says:

    Just let me know the address – can have one or two bundles ready to go by the end of the coming weekend!

  5. Katherine McNeese Says:

    please send me the address, again,
    I also posted on my blog and emailed friends

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