The business of bad news

At a morning meeting, after lots of talk of doom and gloom, my boss shifted gears and pointed out that we really can be in the business of bad news.  Attacks, people injured and / or killed, people wounded, homes and lives destroyed, and people ripping at the fabric of the society.

Tell me some good news, he said.  Think of something good that’s going on right now, something that will life our spirits.

Before anyone else could react, one of the guys says, “My son said his first sentence.  He said daddy is on the phone.”

I thought it was totally awesome.  It totally made my day.

It’s not all doom and gloom, not all bad news.  Too often, I fear, we hear only those things, as the tension they bring are a magnet for attention and an asset for the media.  But kids say their first sentences.  Sons have their first dates.  Daughters draw flowers and horses and make things that sparkle.  And cats, well, cats do whatever cats want to do, and that’s usually pretty awesome, too.

For all the mischief and mayhem, all the attacks and violence and trouble and turbulence, today was still a pretty awesome day, in so many ways.

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7 Responses to “The business of bad news”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Thank you for pointing this out. You and your co-workers above all probably feel like there is nothing but bad. I do want to tell you what you inspired. Last night, my 13 y-o daughter & I gathered the items for our bundle. She was so into it and excited (and 13 year olds, excited about something w/mom – not so much). She helped me select things, put them in the box just so, and was delighted to decorate the box. Thank you for what you are doing here. We may be sending Iraq bundles of love, but you are helping me find some right here at home.

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      I should figure out how to add a Like button to this. If IBOL can make teenagers helpful, wow — that is powerful. Maybe I can work on dishwashing and table clearing, too!

  2. Maryann McEvoy Says:

    Thank GOD for favors big and small. Stay safe!

  3. obscure Says:

    After after a record snow pile up of a winter, the snowdrops are blooming. My dear dog is fading, but she got to lie in the grassy sunshine for half an hour.

    There is always good news if we take the time to look for it.

  4. Marilyn Nash Says:

    I just mailed you my first box – didn’t decorate the box or anything but hope it will be helpful to someone. Another box will be coming soon. Even though it has rained all day today, it is still a wonderful day! We are safe, dry, well-fed, & have all the blessing an awesome God provided so how can we complain! Stay safe and keep up the good work!

  5. quiltdivajulie Says:

    Thank you … keeping things in perspective is vital to our survival as a species.

  6. Jessica Courtney Says:

    Hi….I have been following your blog for a while now (I heard about this from sewmamasew), excited about all that you are doing to see reconciliation in Iraq. I work for a non-profit organization in the north and I would like to see if we can partner together to help some very special children all over Iraq. My organization is bringing in surgical teams to do train doctors and preform life saving heart surgeries for children all over Iraq. We need blankets for the children after surgery. As you know, hospitals here are under equipped. I am hopeful that together we and sewing enthusiasts in the states can provide these much needed blankets of love for children in Iraq. I look forward to hearing more…

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