The Super Secret Project of Awesomeness

Thank you all for the awesome response!  Quite a few people have taken the bait and asked for more details about SSP4.

Here, let me share some more.

  1. If I tell you here on the blog what it is, I am probably lying.
  2. OMG, we’re all going to each make a diorama in a shoe box, of a scene from American history.  We’re going to mail them to second graders in Iraq, so they won’t have to do it and can just skip that rite of passage.
  3. It’s going to run through the end of April.  There’s time.
  4. I toss around a range of number sometimes — 100 to 150.  I think small.  By all means, feel free to show me that I think small.
  5. This is again about access — we’ve figured out a way to do something good and neat, in a way that is pretty easy to do but without a military role, would be next to impossible I think.  Three hooahs for the military, huh?

So, keep ’em coming.  Spread the word some.  if you think it’s a good idea, I bet others will, too.  And it’s not astro-physics (and please, if you are an astro-physicist, correct me if I am wrong) — this is in the realm of do-able.  And kinda fun.


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8 Responses to “The Super Secret Project of Awesomeness”

  1. Deb Says:

    OK, you have me hooked. I’m a knitter not a quilter. But I do know where my sewing machine is and I even know fleece. So, what are we doing?

  2. gayle ode Says:

    Tell me more, please. I need to know what it is before I can decide. Also, I have a IBOL ready to send but do not have an address. Gayle

  3. jane m. Says:

    Have flannel, ready for fun, need directions, thanks.

  4. Lisa Quintana Says:

    Hmm…What are you up to now? Please tell me….although depending on what it is…I may be short on time… Lisa Quintana

  5. jeanne lese Says:

    This is too mysterious. I’m 71 years old and will not build a diarama in a shoe box, even for a needy child in Iraq. Mr IBOL guy, nobody needs or wants a diarama. Get serious! Please tell me it’s something different!

  6. Amy Says:

    I have flannel, fleece, and a sewing machine-bring it on!

  7. floribunda Says:

    Not sure where the flannel and fleece come in, but maybe I missed a post! But I have both, and I’m probably “in”

  8. Ellen Says:

    All right, all right, I can’t stand it!! Pleeeease tell me what SSP4 is.


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