So, tonight I caught my breath and caught up on emails I needed to sent to people.  Knowing that I wanted to write a short note for here, and not knowing what I would say, I logged into WordPress to do fun maintenance stuff like approve comments, wide our Ecuador’s economy, etc.

And there’s one place where I see what people were searching for when they came to the IBOL webpage.  Two caught my eye tonight.  “define octoberish” and “funny rumors to start.”

Both of these crack me up.  Did you know that Octoberish is a comic online?  Yeah, me neither.

As for “funny rumors to start”, I am at something of a loss.  I only know of a couple of rumors, none of which I think I started.  There was the one about me being 600 years old.  And the one about me being a modern Jane Fonda (you need to see this video).  Oh, there were the Ten Funny Rumors about IBOL from a couple of years ago — maybe that’s the connection.  Funny stuff.

No matter.  Whatever brought you here, welcome.  Stick around a while, watch some silly video, read some semi-amusing anecdotes, and have some fun.


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2 Responses to “Really?”

  1. stephanie Says:

    I just watched your video- I promise not to mail a kitten or a little sister or any other annoying thing! But seriously, thank you for all you do!! I sure wish peace was an easier thing to achieve…

  2. Becky Fellows Says:

    I’ve been out of the IBOL loop for several months but want to jump back in! What is the current address for sending boxes?
    Thanks, Becky

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