Super Secret Project 4

Hiya, everybody.  So, here we are, coming down to the wire for getting bundles into the mail for Fallujah.  End of the week, if you can — getting things in the mail by the end of April means stuff should make it out to the far reaches of the world, or Fallujah, by mid to late May.  So, there’s still time if you’re putting the final touches on something or are just really, really quick about it.

And if you’re not super quick, and you’d find yourself missing that deadline?  Fear not.  I’m closing up the details for the next go around.  We’re take a small pause with the ending this month, catch our breath and, for me, sleep a little bit, and then kick off the next surge.  Will it be good?  Nope — it’ll be awesome.  Stick around, check in from time to time, or, if you’re brave, there’s an email subscription option over there on the right side of the page — you’ll get updates to the blog right there in your email in box.  Think of it like the flood of AOL CD’s you use to get in the mail, just not annoying or bad for the environment.

So, we have one last thing to talk about.  SSP4.  Time to be straight about it.

Super Secret Project 4 has been about babies.

Really.  Babies.  Yes, the hard-core killer Army guy behind IBOL has a soft spot for babies.

Who: The SSP4 Platoon
What:  Receiving blankets
When:  Now through the end of April
Where:  Kurdish region and Kirkuk to start, for onward usage across Iraq
Why:  Because helping babies is pretty awesome.  And by pretty awesome, I mean totally awesome.

Jessica from contacted me about IBOL a while ago, and pitched the idea of doing something together.  Preemptive Love operates out of northern Iraq, but they also do work in an Nasariyah, near my beloved marshes. It’s worth going to their site to read about what they do.  Anyway, they have access to different places, and different groups.  While IBOL3D has been about helping widows in places like Fallujah, SSP4 is about the little ones.

So, we came up with a plan.  With some recruited volunteers, folks have been sending their hand-made receiving blankets to Kirkuk, for onward movement to the Preemptive Love folks in Sulaymaniyah.  Jessica and crew will bring them along on their medical missions, and share them with families and new babies.  Which is pretty awesome, I think.

To all of you who helped with this, thank you.  These types of side projects are kinda fun.

And for all of you who helped out, by all mean, now is the time to come out of the woodwork and leave a comment about.  Share your stories, share your photos, tell tall tales if you must.  Because there are a lot of you, and a lot of neat stories that you’ve shared in emails about what you’ve done with this side project.

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13 Responses to “Super Secret Project 4”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Thanks so much for joining PLC on this project. It has been so exciting to receive the blankets. We are packing them up to go down to Nasariyah in two weeks for the next heart surgery remedy mission ( there. Thank you for sharing your love through your blankets. These little ones are so cold after surgery and will enjoy being wrapped in the comfort of warm soft flannel and fleece. They are still rolling in and I will get back with a final total in a week or so! Oh, and thanks to you “hard-core army guy” for your willingness to reach across boundaries and close the gap toward peace and reconciliation. Long live IBOL!

  2. stephanie Says:

    We’ll have more in the mail on Saturday!!

  3. Nancy Anne Says:

    And don’t I feel awful! I was so late in getting my blankets into the mail, but they finally went out the day before Easter. So sorry I fell behind and took so very long!!! But I think I might still squeak under the deadline :o)

  4. Fitzy Says:

    I’ll have mine in the mail Saturday as well, and I’ll send you a jpg for posterity.

    Loves me some babies!

  5. Linda Knierim Says:

    Where can I mail a box? I have one ready to go.

  6. Marigold Says:

    I’ll be putting 3 in the mail tomorrow also.

  7. floribunda Says:

    I have 4 blankets going in the mail today!

  8. charlotte ann dehgan Says:

    Here I am coming in on the tail end again! One box mailed full of fabric and sewing goodies and one box mailed with 4 baby blankets. The baby blankets were fun and I would do it again. Keep me on the list for the next IBOL project please! Stay safe! Annie Dehgan

  9. Ellen Says:

    Mine are going in the mail tomorrow – sorry to be late. I expect to send seven flannel receiving blankets. It was fun to make something for a baby (mine are teenagers) again and to know that it will keep a baby in need warm.

  10. Annie Wagar Says:

    I’m still waiting for the address so we can send the ‘bundles of love’.
    I am president of a large guilt guild and 2 other sewing groups who want to take part in this worth while cause.
    Thank you, A Wagar

  11. Deborah Says:

    My box of blankets made it into the mail last week, so they should get there soon. It’s 3 flannel blankets and 1 knitted. And, since I somehow thought this was just for newborns, I added 4 knit baby hats. Hope someone can use them.

  12. Jessica Says:

    We go the hats and they are so so cute. We don’t usually operate on newborns but most of the babies are so tiny that I these will be perfect. Thanks Deborah!

  13. Liz Says:

    After reading more and more about IBOL, I LOVE that each blanket is wrapping up a person– and is like a hug that transcends the ocean. It’s such a beautiful picture of how love needs to be. Thank you so much for partnering with the children of Iraq and Preemptive Love Coalition!

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