Fallujah and Bin Laden — things I never thought I’d say together

Just a couple things – it’s late, I’m tired, and all that good stuff.

1.  thank to all of you for the nice notes and emails today, regarding the recent military operations in the Afghanistan / Pakistan areas, in order to capture / kill Usama bin Laden.  I do appreciate your kind words and well wishes.  The jokes of the day was, of course, “Thanks, but you do realize I am in Baghdad, and that’s nowhere near Pakistan, right?”  All jokes aside, it’s good to see operations go smoothly, it’s good to see our Joe’s make it in and out OK, and it’s good to see that they hit the objective and the target was there.  Intelligence drives operations, or so they say.

2.  Fallujah.  Wow.  thank you, all of you, for all that you have done to help with Fallujah.  With it being rather remote, bundles will surely take some time to make their way to Fallujah.  But that’s OK.  You all are awesome for helping.

3.  I’m gonna take a short pause.  I’m going to have to let my foot off of the gas for IBOL for this month, and work on, well, work.  No, it’s no bin Laden’s fault; my battle buddy is on R&R, and I’m swamped.  Asking people to put bundles into the mail by the end of April was no accident; I saw this train wreck coming even back then.  So, bear with me while I bear down and try — try! — to do the work of two.  This should be interesting — the wailing and gnashing of teeth you hear is likely me.

4.  OMG, OMG, OMG.  June will being the next round of IBOL.  The big push, pre-Ramadan (which kicks off around 01 August, depending on the moon — really).  Why is it OMB?  I won’t be IBOL.  Yep — sealed the deal.  We’re pushing stuff to Afghanistan.  Maybe a little bit more to Iraq, we’ll see, but we have AWESOME plans for Afghanistan.  Get ready to get giddy, it’s gonna be a ball.  If you’ve enjoyed the secret projects, or enjoyed helping Iraq, or found solace or goodness or reward in helping with IBOL, I suspect you’ll find the same or more when you hear how this is going to play out.

But first, some sleep, some work, a little bit of food, and even some running.  Yes, besides all this, I am back out there running, and making noise about making a run at the Kauai marathon in the fall.  I’m too busy these days to run a fever, yet somehow I got it in my head to train for some longer running.  Egads.

But sleep.  That’s next.

And thanks.  Thank you all for tagging along on this mighty adventure.  Thank you for helping out in ways I never dreamed possible.


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9 Responses to “Fallujah and Bin Laden — things I never thought I’d say together”

  1. Patty Simmons Says:

    I want to thank you again for what you do. I know Pakistan is not where you are but know that you’re in our prayers, hoping that your burdens are lightened and that there is no retaliation. I’ll be checking back in June for the next IBOL, ABOL. Take care.

  2. obscure Says:

    WOW! So excited about Afghanistan! And I have a friend who wants to join the fun on the next round.

    Hey–get youself some sleep, too, if you can find any.

  3. stephanie Says:

    I mailed another box of blankies on Saturday, and so did my daughter. We’ll do what we can for IBOL in Afghanistan!!

  4. kathyh Says:

    I somehow got off the mass e-mailing from you.
    It sounds like my jury duty pushed me out of sending a box for April and that you will have another push in June.
    I’d still like to send a box but need an updated address.

    Thanks for your ‘underground’ efforts. That’s how we do things at the post office as well.

  5. Teresa Gemignani Says:

    Very excited to share the giving with Afghanistan. Now I will scour the sales in May for good stuff to send. Thanks again for the opportunities.

    We all worry about backlash after yesterday, so keep your head down and behind an IBOL Box.

  6. Kathleen Says:

    Art – I lost your e-mail address, so I’ll let you know via comments. I did indeed send off two boxes as promised. I waited till the second week in April to ship as I was in the US then. Much cheaper and easier to ship from there than it is from here in Canada. I carried the fabrics to the US in my suitcase, then bought boxes there. Don’t know what customs staff would have thought had they opened my bags.

    Took too much fabric for two boxes and not enough for three, so I had to carry some home. So I stuffed as much as possible in each box. I sent larger pieces of fabric (including matching pieces for outfits), buttons, thread, zippers, pins, needles, etc. and crayons! hope the people who receive the boxes find something they like inside. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute.


  7. Jenny Says:

    With the help of some friends I was able to send 4 boxes off to Fallujah. They were so generous that I have lots more to send – would it be okay to send another box or two that way, or should I wait until the next round?

    Looking forward to the ABOL effort!

  8. skla Says:

    not sure if my first attempt went through so apologies if duplication. still have dialup. would love to send a box, please send the address.

    good sleeping and thanks for everything you all are doing, including your regular job.

  9. Judith Says:

    I can send a bundles for three or four; please send me the address.

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