Super Secret Project 5

Let’s not mess around this time. IBOL –> ABOL kicked off yesterday, and it’s already time for a SSP!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am looking for a few volunteers to help with Super Secret Project 5, Operation BBD.

  • No, I am not going to tell you what Operation BBD stands for.
  • Yes, the BBD part is important — and it’s a secret.
  • I am hoping to find a platoon of folks ready, willing and able to help with this most super, most secret side project.
  • It’ll be fun.  It won’t involve angry ferrets.
  • Target audience is folks whose kids are a little bit older now, but who still have too much of their old stuff laying around.  There’s a certain kind of something in demand in Afghanistan, and this Super Secret Project is to try to do something about that.

Sound mysterious?  It should.

Interested?  Leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll send to you all of the Super Secret Details.  (insert maniacal laugh soundtrack).

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53 Responses to “Super Secret Project 5”

  1. Maryann McEvoy Says:

    Let me in on the details. Laughter from this end too

  2. Terry Kreis Says:

    I hope BBD means beanie babies as like Jimmy Durante used to say…I got a million of em!

  3. PJ Miles Says:

    me too!!!!

  4. Mary Lynne Foster Says:

    I’m in for this.

  5. Jackie Watson Says:

    Let me know what I can do to help.

  6. Pat Says:

    sounds interesting – send me some more details!

  7. Annie Says:

    I think I’m in on this. Please send me the details!

  8. Patricia Says:

    Waiting for an address to send ABOL to.

  9. Fitzy Says:

    Please count me in! xo

  10. Mary ann Says:

    I’m in for SSP5…oh and I need the new address please for ABOL.

  11. Kay McClain Says:

    Please send me the information. And much thanks for your service to our country and the dedication that it entails. And thanks for knowing and acting upon the idea that one person can make a difference. Stay safe. Mahalo and Aloha – Kay

  12. Agnès Bloore Says:

    Thank you for all you do! Would love to help and also need address for ABOL.

  13. Pat in Washington Says:

    OK, I’m in for the SSP5, and if there’s a new address for IBOL since I mailed a fabric bundle a few months ago, I need that address. Thanks! And thank you for your service and for this great project.

  14. Jane Says:

    Me too! I have friends with kids….they should be able to help me out. OOOOOOH, so much to look forward to! And do….

  15. Patricia Says:

    To be clear…YES, include me in SSP5…and send latest address for IBOL/ABOL…

  16. Esther Wiebke Says:

    Sounds interesting. Please send info to me.


  17. Suzanne Says:

    Details? My kids are grown but have abandoned far too much of their childhood here when they moved out… May be able to help.

  18. Susan Says:

    Would love to help in any way I can. SSP? Bring it on! My youngest is almost 16, the others are all on their own. Lots of stuff here.

  19. Carla Scruggs Says:

    I’ll help! My youngest is 15. My house is too packed with stuff.

  20. Marigold Says:

    Details please!

  21. jeanne lese Says:

    I want to help. And I hope I have the right kinda stuff. If not, I’ll get it somewhere! Waiting for the details. . .

  22. Terry Trmstrong Says:

    I can be a Sender but not an Organizer… I’ve got lots of soft fuzzies to be Rid of, and I am moving in 1 month, and my grandkids just left the USA for a few years on a marine duty assignment for thier dad. Took lots alongbut left behind plenty too.

  23. Wendy H Says:

    Hey, getting involved in another awesome SSP AND maybe getting rid of stuff, win-win! My kids are pre-tween & new teen … hopefully that makes them “a bit older” enough to have what you’re looking for.

  24. Linda Says:

    As the mom of 5 with the youngest now just have turned 15. I have stuff please send details

  25. Susan Says:

    Sounds interesting! Please send details.

  26. Rosemary Coller Says:

    OK, my youngest is 40, but I still can get my hands on whatever you need. Let me know.

  27. Ellen Terry Says:

    Please send the details – I love secret projects!

  28. Kathleen Murphy Says:

    We sent 4 boxes of bean babies to a soldier in Afghanistan a few years ago, it felt good to send them to a new home 🙂

  29. Lisa Quintana Says:

    Ok..since dd just graduated from HS on Sat., I’m into downsizing the stash of cra…err, fine items we have here. 🙂

  30. Terri Says:

    I’d like to help with SSP5 if I can. Please send the information (when you can). Thanks!

  31. angela d. Says:

    Please send me the info! Also, would you send me the address for ABOL? Thanks!

  32. Anne Vaughan Says:

    Got lots of little girl stuff here and at my daughters home. Let me know what I can send that they need in the Super Secret Program.

  33. Charlene Says:

    Ok I’m ready for the secret!!!!!!!!!!!if it’s Beanie babies I have a few

  34. Barbara Waldrip Says:

    I have grown kids, and I have “stuff”, I hope its the right stuff. Send me the details. Also send me the address for Abol. Thank you

  35. Blue Says:

    I have 6 to contribute. ;P

  36. andrea Says:

    Got the info on ABOL – can you send info on the super secret part? thanks!

  37. IBOL Guy Says:

    You all are cracking me up! Too funny! It sounds like there are millions of beanie babies, just waiting to come out of retirement — it’s Toy Story, all over again!

  38. Darcene Says:

    Need an address for ABOL and count me in for the super secret project too…another 14 bundles ready to go this time……

  39. Peggie Says:

    Hey ABOL guy!
    Let me know what i can do to help!
    Peggie in Calif

  40. Nancy S Says:

    I’m ready for a super secret mission—send me the address!
    Thank you, Super-Guy!
    Nancy S

  41. Esther Wiebke Says:

    What fun is this. Not sure whether I sent you my address or not, so here it is, maybe a duplicate!

  42. Lois Robinson Says:

    I’d like to help…if it’s fabric or sewing. Beanie babies….our kids were long gone during that craze! Anxious to hear more.

  43. Elaine Penney Says:

    I’m game. Shoot me the info.

  44. Diana Says:

    I’m interested! How can I help?

  45. Patty Simmons Says:

    I’m in and ready to help!

  46. k Says:

    oh do I have too much of my sons’ old stuff laying around! Please let me know what is needed.

  47. Jo-Anne Says:

    I’m curious. Tell me more!!

  48. Marsha Gadzera Says:

    Hi, I spoke to my guild about your endeavor and expect to get fabric at our meeting in about 2 weeks. However, I really need to have the address on where to send the boxes. This is the second time I’ve asked for the apo address. We want to help. One of our members brought this to me as she had a son-in-law over there. I hope to hear from you.


  49. gayle ode Says:

    Please send the details when you get a chance about the SSp5. I have sent an ABOL last week. Keep safe. Gayle O

  50. PJ Miles Says:

    I need the address for the SSP5
    Going garage saleing to find good stuff

  51. diane phillips Says:

    Back from Italy, and ready for SSP 5 and will be sending my ABOL next week when I recover from jet lag

  52. Carol B Says:

    Please send the address for ABOL, and thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and your service!

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