Bundles in Afghanistan

I have to be careful when I write these titles — for the life of me, I always spell Afghanstan wrong on the first try.

So, anyway, where was I?  Ah, yes.  Bundles in Afghanistan.

I’m at work this morning, trying to fight the good fight, when the phones rings.  I answer it, and to my surprise, it’s Afghanistan calling.  Good grief, the bundles have already started to arrive.  It’s 3 June, and the first five have already made it half way around the world, through the military postal service, and to the front door of the Cultural Support Team’s new ABOL World Headquarters, which is probably a foot locker or half-empty wall locker.

And, true to form, the folks there could not resist the appeal — they opened them up, just to take a look.  And true to form, the first five that arrived were wrapped as nearly all bundles are — a big piece of fabric surrounding all the goodies, held together big a big piece of ribbon.

So, it’s good, good news on this happy go lucky Friday.  Kind of hard to have a bad when you learn that our collective effort is starting to show dividends.

And, as always, let me say thank you. thanks for all who have stepped forward and offered to help, and a special thanks to those whose bundles have started to arrive.  The folks in AF have said they’re going to try and fling some cards into the mail — hopefully, they’ll fare better than I have over these past couple of years, try as I may.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to put something together about patterns.  I have a funny photo to share, and it should serve well to illustrate a few key points about sewing patterns.  But first, a few hours of sleep and an 18 km run in the run with some paratroopers.

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7 Responses to “Bundles in Afghanistan”

  1. Janet Says:

    Hi Art – I would love to participate in ABOL – can you send me the address?

    Take good care of yourself!

  2. stephanie Says:


    Mine should be in the mail by Tuesday! I’ll try and get a photo to you too. I think I’m going to be able to schedule a package pick up so I don’t even have to load them in my car. Will let you know how that all works out!

    Run well, stay safe!

  3. skla Says:

    Great! thanks so much for posting on patterns. I’ll hold my box with those till I get your advice.

  4. skla Says:

    since altho I’m assuming Kabul is more fashion forward than, say, some places in KS, it would be good to know the range of interests and if there are any cultural taboos to be aware of. thanks for all the time you take to post info. (18 km jeez louise and in the heat. 92 here but i’m not going on any 18 km runs….)

  5. Pat K Says:

    Would love to participate in ABOL. Please send info. Any materials taboo? Anything particularly sought?

  6. Erin Says:

    I would love to send a bundle or two. Please send me the details. Thanks.

  7. Nancy Morris Says:

    Please send me a mailing address for ABOL packages. Having achieved Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy (SABLE), I need to reduce my stockage levels, and this is a good cause. (Yes, I’m an Army logistician by trade. I’ve got the acronym thing down pat.). Did I mention I knit, too?

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