Sewing patterns

One of the things that’s different with ABOL is that yes, people are sending sewing patterns.  But what kind?  What works, what’s best?

Well, take a look at this photo, and I’ll see if I can explain.

1.  If you want to include a sewing pattern, like this photo, it does’t have to be the prettiest thing ever.

2.  And like this photo, it can be a guy thing.  It’s universal – people sew and make clothes for a bunch of reasons, utility still being on that list.

3.  See any bi-focals on that guy?  At his age, he’s obviously not ready to read anything.  Assume the same with patterns.  Good pictures will go a long way, and simple patterns not reliant on reading are idea.  Literacy is out of the norm.

4. Look at that sleeve.  Two ball points, and a Sharpie.  Egads, that’s a horrible set of tools.  What can one make with that?  Well, the answer is, not much.  But for most of the folks on the other end, it’s going to be simple sewing with simple tools.

5.  See the photo bomber?  Well, the CST has been running sewing classes when they can, and they’re interested in doing more.  So, if all goes well, there will be someone looking over their shoulder.  Just hopefully not in a creepy manner, like the ad on the wall here.

6.  That’s a pretty universal outfit in the photo.  Young and old, men and women in the US Army wear that garb.  Most folks still tend to wear the salwar kameez, which has pants like pajamas and a basic tunic-style top, and is worm by men and women.  The colors and fabric selection probably make the difference there.

7.  Think rugged.

8.  Think about patterns that support both light and heavier fabrics.

9. And thankfully, it’s not revealing.


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4 Responses to “Sewing patterns”

  1. Kay McClain Says:

    I thought this was an ad for the Barber Shop and the barber was a little overzealous!

  2. obscure Says:

    I have some patterns for “big shirts”–long sleeved, loose fitting. Tough for women, they could easily be adapted. I’ll poke around for other appropriate patterns.

  3. Blue Says:

    1. Is this photo the before or after barber/beauty shop experience? ;P

    2. Should we send Scary Barber guy an advertizing tips manuel……assuming he actually wants customers…..?

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