Sorry about that

Sorry about that.  I sort of dropped off the net there for a little bit.  I’m back.

As some of you have heard, yes, there was an attack here in Baghdad the other day.  There are actually attacks in Baghdad most every day, but this one in particular caught the attention of the news.  It was horrible, tragic, and it involved the loss of life.

We each respond in our own ways at these times.  I’ve seen battle hardened Soldiers with ice in their veins, who may only flinch before getting back to the business at hand.  Others stop and reflect, and others fight their emotions as they face the losses.  It’s different for different folks, and it can be different each time, based on the conditions.  But it always sucks — that’s pretty universal, I think.

Why?  We fight our hardest not for king or country, but for the man or woman standing beside us during these times when we are called to arms. It is an integral part of our profession of arms, dating back for as long as we have had one.  We are here in service to the Republic, but we live and breath and will fight and bleed if we have to, all the more so for those with whom we stand — American or Iraqi.

For me this week, I buckled down and worked.  I do that sometimes.  My long days became even longer.  I skipped things like meals and time on Skype with my family, working more and harder and focused on a particular part of the problem set, trying to fix what I knew I could not undo but could only perhaps rectify.

My hard work won’t bring back a life taken.  But at times it feels like it is all that I can do.

So, sorry about dropping off the net.  Tomorrow, I will try to check in with Afghanistan and see how they are doing.  I should hope that they would be swimming in bundles by now.  And swimming in boxes from the Super Secret Project, too.

As we say, more to follow.  I needed to check back in, say hello, let you know that I am fine but saddened.  It happens, I just don’t have to like it.

And that’s me, last Saturday before the attack.  One of my buddies was cramping towards the end of the 18km run, so I went back out to find him and to run the rest of the way in with him.  We do some stupid things sometimes, like running an 18km race and then running some more, just to help a fellow Soldier see the mission through.


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3 Responses to “Sorry about that”

  1. Mary Kirwin Says:

    Blessings to you IBOL Guy and all the soldiers! I thought about you and wondered how you were doing once I heard the news. And I thought about the Iraqis, especially the women who’ve received the IBOLs, and how their families are affected by the bombings. Thanks for letting us know. I’ve got my ABOL almost ready to ship ~ onward and upward!

  2. Jane Says:

    Thanks for sharing with us. We all have had loss in our lives, but for our military it seems to hit harder and deeper, probably because of their sense of responsibility to their buddies, their families and their country. If only everyone on this planet would take care for each other like our military does. God bless them all.

  3. Ann J Says:

    Jane (above) said that so well. Just wanted to thank you for letting us know and send support and appreciation to all. And Go ABOL!

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