More on FET

Well, well, well.  Here’s a short article worth the read.  Looks like the 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team is fielding FET’s to Afghanistan.  Hot diggity.
I heard from the ABOL team in Afghanistan this week — 18 had arrived at of their Friday night.  18 regular bundles, no SSP bundles. The good thing about places like Iraq and Afghanistan is that mail arrives every day, weather and transportation and other things permitting.

More in the morning.


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6 Responses to “More on FET”

  1. gayle ode Says:

    I still want to be part of ssp5. Please send an address and details. I am visiting my daughter and 4 grandchildren in 2 weeks and they have lots of “stuff” I bet they would share. Ages 18 to 9. Gayle O

  2. KP Says:

    I have my box ready to go. I just need an address. What a great project!

  3. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Art – please send the address for ABOL… thanks much!

  4. Pat in Washington Says:

    I should have a couple SSP5 bundles to send on Monday (it’s Saturday night now). I work for a city government office near Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington state and my co-workers are really getting into the project!

  5. Tracy Aley Says:

    How do I get the address to send a bundle?

  6. Jane Says:

    I have found that mail to Afghanistan is much slower than other places I have sent boxes! Today, I mailed 5 boxes. Three are bundles. Two are SSP5 boxes each with a blanket and a total of 49 Beanie Babies! Glad to add to the count and support the cause!

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