Some photos

If you’re looking for the address for IBOL / ABOL, just leave a comment anywhere here on the blog, and I’ll email you.

I’d telly u that I’ll email you in the next 60 seconds, but actually, sometimes it takes a day or two (sorry — sad, but it’s true).

And now, the important stuff.  After a long day at the office (15 hours), little beats turning on the email and finding stuff like this.

The owl, by the way, is the COOLEST of them all.


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12 Responses to “Some photos”

  1. Jennifer Anderson Says:

    I would love the address. Thank you! Jennifer

  2. Pat in Washington Says:

    😀 Glad you like them! Two more bundles going out tomorrow. I didn’t know there were so many different Beanie Babies – bats, snails, dragons, jelly fish, scorpions, lambs, pugs, gorillas, snakes, stingrays, anteaters…..etc., etc., etc.

  3. Suzy from Novato CA Says:

    Thanks again for all you do. This time I have my Mom’s whole Bridge Club sending items. I have bags and bags of great things to box up. What is the address this time?

  4. Janice Horn Says:

    Is this where I ask for the address for the bundles to Iraq or Afganistan? If so please send it.

    Janice Horn

  5. STL Mom Says:

    I’d love to send something. I did the first IBOL through Sewmamasew, but haven’t kept up.

  6. Kay McClain Says:

    For SSP 5, my third box is in the mail. Thanks to the generosity of a friend. And while I was tempted to keep one or two for myself, I resisted and they ALL were put in the box. Thanks for your hard work. Stay safe – Kay McClain

  7. Jan Says:

    IBOL Guy,

    It’s been a while! I’d like the address for ABOL, please!

    Looks like you’re still doing great work for both our Army and IBOL/ABOL!


  8. Suzy Says:

    Hi from Marin County, CA

    Could I have the ABOL address please

  9. Jan Horn Says:

    Please send me the address for the APO/IBOL ! Thanks…Our quilt guild in Blaine, Washington is having an “event” for IBOL so we should have 8-10 boxes to send July 19th!!!

    Jan Horn
    Funny…several Jan’s leaving notes…I am different from Janice Horn

  10. Chris Says:

    Please send th addres for ABOL I have serveral boxes filled and would like to send.

  11. Kbro Says:

    Hope I’m not too late. Please send me the address. I can ship a box tomorrow.

  12. Esther Wiebke Says:

    It is long after, but is there a way to still send beanie babies. Recently found out that a friend has tubs of these.

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