Sunday morning update

So, it’s been a busy week.

Bundles are arriving in Afghanistan, and the crew there is building the first shipments for onward movement.  And the more Super Secret Bundles have arrived, too.  It’s been a busy, busy week.

Buuuut, I got some photos in the mail.  And some awesome, awesome notes of encouragement.

So, back to a quiet Fathers Day. I’m watching a horrible movie, and doing some research on manual / hand-crank sewing machines.  Really — that’s how I spent Sunday mornings in Iraq.  And yes, my own dad would agree with both my choice of actions and even my movie selection.

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6 Responses to “Sunday morning update”

  1. Lita Says:


    Greetings from Afghanistan. I hope this post finds you well and in good cheer. This is Lita Fraley from Afghanistan. I am the recipient of all your wonderful donations.

    I wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity. I have almost filled the first kicker box of ABOL donations (50 bundles) and it is almost ready to push out to the first team. The lucky Cultural Support Team (CST) is located in Kandahar Province and they are working with Village Elders and Government of Afghanistan officials to bring Afghan women income generating skills training.

    Your donations will be used during sewing and tailoring training seminars to teach Afghan women a marketable skill that will be used to supplement their family’s income. The CSTs facilitate seminars and training courses that are culturally appropriate and allow women to preserve their honor. The training seminars are taught in a safe location for women. By learning a skill that can be practiced and developed in the security of their own home, Afghan women are able to contribute to the stability of their family and the stability of their community, and still maintain their virtue and uphold the honor of their family.

    Upon successful completion of the training, the women are given a sewing machine and extra materials to begin production and sales. They also have the confidence to make quality clothing and access to a peer group to share ideas and best practices in production and sales.

    I also received a few SSP5 Operation BBD packages. These donations will be sent to a refugee camp in Kunar Province. The refugee camp has been there for many years and the hundreds of refugee children adore receiving the small tokens of friendship.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful donations. If you ever wonder if you can make a difference by sending one bundle, the answer is YES! One Afghanistan Bundle of Love, coupled with the other hundreds of bundles from your fellow sewing and quilting enthusiasts will provide the material to facilitate a sewing seminar and ultimately, allow Afghan women to pull themselves up by the threads and drawstrings of their newly acquired income generating skill.

    Kind regards to all,


  2. Say hello to Lita « Iraqi Bundles of Love Says:

    […] going to want to swing by here and take a read of what Lita said in an awesome comment. I also received a few SSP5 Operation BBD […]

  3. stephanie Says:

    Hello Lita! I hope the bundles we’ve sent will be okay- lots of different types of fabric, yarn, and some crochet thread too. Thank you for all you do to help create good will, build skills, and help us all move a little closer to peace!!

  4. Annie Dehgan Says:

    HI Lita! I hope to get my bundle in the mail tomorrow. Part of it is good
    quality bleached white muslin. The country of origin was Pakistan! We
    need to get Art to work his logistical magic and see if we couldn’t somehow
    get some shipped to you directly and save the shipping both ways! Thank you and everyone with you for making this a better world for all these wonderful women who have endured so much in their short lives. Hugs, Annie Dehgan

  5. Toshi Takayasu Says:

    While we offer treadle machine (Model 712T), we do not offer any manual / hand-crank sewing machines or table stand for treadle operation in the United States of America.

    Please contact me if you need further information on treadle machine.


  6. Anne Vaughan Says:

    Please send me the information on the SSP. Let me see if I can help on it, too. My bundle should be in the mail next week, because I am not going to be home this weekend. Thanks for all you do to help others.

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