You can’t rain on my parade

I am going to be unstoppable today.

1.  I got up a weeeee bit early today and went for a run.  I’d intended to run last night, but it was still cook-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot at 2100 / 9pm, and that wasn’t going to work (as compared to 0400 / 4am today, when it was in the high eighties Fahrenheit / around 30 degrees Celsius).  A quick six mile run through the quiet of pre-sunrise, and I had restored my balance in life.

2.  There’s an airborne operation that’s suppose to kick off today.  Our good friends in Afghanistan — are you ready for this? — are planning to drop a bundle of bundles out of a perfectly good airplane sometime today.  The world has come full circle — my dad use to say that he lived vicariously through me, and now I’m living vicariously through bundles of fabric.  Who knew.

3.  July is almost here.  Keep putting those bundles in the mail — we’re looking to surge sewing, knitting, and quilting goodies to Afghanistan through July, so there’s still plenty of time.  (Leave a comment below if you need the address).

4.  With July, I promise, will come the start of the next Super Secret Project.

5.  I’ve had a special request for a specific little bit of help, from one specific team out in one specific far corner of Afghanistan.  Is that specific enough for you?  I’m looking for just a couple of people — maybe 5 at most — willing to put together some super heavy bundles.  There are a few kids in Afghanistan, apparently, who like to draw and color and doodle.  Let me know if you’re in — there’s a special address and everything.  Operation Noodle Doodle, I think it should be called.

So, go have a good day.  Go be unstoppable (just don’t get all riled up and invade another country or something).

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20 Responses to “You can’t rain on my parade”

  1. Kay McClain Says:

    What exactly is involved with Noodle Doodle? It is just drawing supplies or things like paper too? Would the desired “stuff” not fit into one of the flat rate boxes? So count me as interested but not fully committed. Stay safe.

  2. marsha Says:

    Would love to try something new with SSP and love the sound of oodle noodles send the info so I can get started

  3. Nancy Morris Says:

    Please send me details of Operation Noodle Doodle–address and items needed.

  4. Jennifer Anderson Says:

    I would like the address please.
    Thank you

  5. Linda Colsh Says:

    hi I/Abolguy: I have some drawing things and would be happy to do a Noo-Doo box in early July if you haven’t filled your dance card for that SSSP–just send details to me

  6. Lynne Says:

    I went to art school, so whenever I can help some kids get excited about drawing I’m all in. Send me the address for Operation Noodle Doodle and all the pertinent info.

  7. charlotte ann dehgan Says:

    Hi! Please send the address for noodle doodle. Is there a weight limit for the APO boxes? Somewhere I thought I read 20 lbs. but I sure could be wrong about that. Annie Dehgan

  8. Cindy Ryan Says:

    Please send me the address for IBOL…I’ve put a blub in my guild’s newsletter and would LOVE to be able to give them an address! Good Work!

  9. Maryann McEvoy Says:

    Please send the address again. I put it away safe and now I can’t recall where it is. The boxes are ready to be mailed out. God Bless you!

  10. Patricia Says:

    Operation Noodle Doodle…I’m in!

  11. Nancy Barbata Says:

    yes, please! I need the address for sending bundles and the specifics on what goes inside and how you like them wrapped (inside… the bundle).
    xo, Nancy

  12. Ellen Terry Says:


    If you have room for one more, I’m in! Send the info when ready. Thanks for your service.


  13. Kay Cherry Says:

    need the address for sending sewing and quilting supplies please

  14. Susan Says:

    The weight limit is 20 LBS according to the USPS website ( Out of curiosity, I weighed some ink jet paper (2 different kinds). One weighed just over 5 LBS; the other, just over 6 LBS. It looks like you could send a fair amount of paper and still have room for other supplies.

  15. Chris Says:

    Chris asks:
    I need addresses for afganisstan and Iraq and do you have an address for the supplies for kids. Pleassssssssssssse send to me so I can get my boxes out.

  16. Magpie Sue Says:

    I haven’t kept up, was reorganizing my long list of favorites & thought I’d check in. Holy cow! So do you have enough volunteers for your Operation Noodle Doodle? Can you give me a hint about the next Super Secret Project? Meanwhile, I’m going to have a look around to see what I can part with for a regular BOL…

  17. andrea Says:

    beanies on the way . . . I’m in for the kids stuff. I know how much young artists enjoy drawing supplies.
    thanks again for all you do.

  18. Bobbie Says:

    How do I say thank you when words are not enough? You are showing a way “we” can help. A route and map were needed because a GPS for giving was blank.
    I sent one pkg but need the address again.

  19. andrea Says:

    4 boxes of beanies (wrapped in receiving blankets) leaving tomorrow along with a box of pens and paper. already filling the next boxes of yarn and fabric.

  20. Kate C Says:

    Happy to help with Noodle Doodle if you need me… 🙂

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