Sometimes, it’s more than awesome

You know, it’s not all horrible over here.

I spent Monday on the road, heading out to go see another unit.  It just so happens that we went by air, and that I got the best seat in the house, and that our path took us over the marshes.  Dumb luck on my part, but it made for a pretty awesome day.

No, that’s not a road but a waterway.

See?  Boats, not terrorists.  Not even speeding boats, just boats.

Want to know the best thing about today?

Ann and Diana (Diana and Ann?) and their nine boxes / 45 lbs of love.  It made my day.

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4 Responses to “Sometimes, it’s more than awesome”

  1. stephanie Says:

    Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if every flight you made was just sight-seeing?? 😀
    Thanks for sharing a view into a peaceful piece of your journey!

  2. kathyh Says:

    Thanks for sharing the scenery. I want to send another IBOL box. What’s the current address to send to and I will put it in the mail this holiday weekend.

  3. Nancy Elkin Says:

    Beautiful pictures, I don’t think of Iraq having rivers like that,all you see on the news is desert. I just mailed you 2 quilt bundles today!

  4. Ann J Says:

    Great pictures–nice to see peaceful scenery! Just put my ABOL/IBOL in the mail yesterday.

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