The road ahead in Iraq

I was hoping to offer up an update on how things are going in Afghanistan, with the deliveries of bundles and super secret projects.  But we’ve been missing each other.

But boy, can I talk about Iraq.  Did you see the news earlier this week, about the new Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta visiting Baghdad to talk to the Iraqi Government about the road ahead for US/Iraqi relations.  Well, the road ahead for a US Military role.  There are a few other good articles worth reading, too — here and here.  It’ll be interesting to see if this big debate over the road ahead if resolved in the coming two weeks, before Ramadan.  I bet not.

I do thing, though, that we need more cute puppies on the battlefield.  We’ve got a retired military working drop who now ha the mission to visit Soldiers and make them feel better.  That’s about the most awesome job ever.  Good doggie, good doggie.

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6 Responses to “The road ahead in Iraq”

  1. Nancy Morris Says:

    In Dog We Trust.

  2. Chris Says:

    I have deep love for dog as I have raised 7 guide dogs for the blind and have trained 2 shepards for wilderness search and rescue and one shepard for acilerents (bad speller) arson. I now have a shepard rescue I love and a rescue lab/pit. I have six boxes of school supplies almost ready to go I’ll be sending them out Monday July 25. Please be careful and know you are always in my prayers. Chris Fuqua

  3. Kay Cherry Says:

    mailed a bundle of sewing supplies last week

  4. Pam Calderwood Says:

    Is it too late to send a bundle – or 3 ? I need an address, Thanks!

  5. Pam Calderwood Says:

    Is it too late to send a bundle – or 3? I need an address. Thanks!!

  6. Pam Calderwood Says:

    Is it too late to send a bundle?? I need an
    APO address. Thanks!!

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