On Norway

I know, I know. I’m normally such a happy, cheery kind of guy.

Norway, though, has me sad.  Such sorrow.  Such a tragic loss.

And so much hatred.  It still baffles me, after all these years and all of these adventures, to find people with such hatred in their heart.

This attack, these deaths, perhaps mean something different for me – my wife and I have ties to Norway, friendships, that span more than 15 years.  We’ve had grand adventures there, been treated like family there.  Shared meals and tales.

It is so sad.

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6 Responses to “On Norway”

  1. Ellen Says:


    So much fanaticism, so little tolerance in our world today – how did we get to this point? Art, thank you for keeping an avenue of brother and sister-hood open and for all that you and our military do around the world to make it safer for people to live together with those who think and believe differently.


  2. Deb Says:

    I second the brilliant words of Ellen. Stay safe and come home soon, Deb

  3. Dawn Says:

    i am of Norwegian heritage and have distant relatives there, so it hits pretty close to home for me too. i can’t fathom that kind of hate but i truly believe it’s based on fear. we’ve got to keep on being the change we want to see in the world, to show that there’s a better way. sending you good thoughts and energy, Art.


  4. Mary ann Says:

    The fear of those different then us is so powerful and intolerence of others has been given voice again and again. I thought perhaps we had learned after the Tucson shooting how the fearful are empowered by the the majority silence but watching the Washington struggle the last 2 weeks get shriller and shriller I am so worried for us…all this energy that could be put to use to solve problems all spent on “it has to be my way.” Norway is another oh so sad wake up call to all of us. For now, I’ll pull together another bundle or two.

  5. Jenny Trenda Says:

    Art: Like Mary Ann above, all this intolerance spurred me into action. Dropped off 4 ABOL boxes at the PO today (the post office lady let me do the official USPS stamping on the 5 copies for each customs form. Whohoo!!) Anyway, some funny things happened along the way that maybe you should know:
    1. USPS website (that you have a link to on your main page) which is the on-line APO/FPO customs form is down/blank screen right now. I don’t know if they know. I had my geek check, and it really is down.
    2. The price to send an APO/FPO box is now 12.95 (don’t know when it changed). Not that I cared, but someone might be surprised.

    Thanks for all you have done. I am so excited that Lita will be picking up the ball so to speak.

  6. Jane Says:

    You are not alone in your sadness. I cannot imagine how someone gets to the place where killing seems to be a solution to a “problem”.

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