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Just don’t call me Captain Ahab

June 24, 2011

I love being involved in IBOL.  I really do.

Yesterday morning, in the skies over Afghanistan, someone pushed a rig out of a perfectly good airplane, and used an airborne delivery to put some IBOL / ABOL bundles on the ground in a remote part of Afghanistan.

Just think about that one for a second.  A guy in Baghdad, on a website in America, working with volunteers from all over the place (and not just in America), sending sewing, knitting and quilting supplies to an air base in Afghanistan, to be loaded onto and dropped out of an airplane.

Pretty darn-tootin’ cool, if you ask me.  It’d be better only if they let me jump in, too.

And if yesterday wasn’t awesome enough, I closed out my day with almost an hour on the phone with Jan, one half (the better half?) behind the Lamia Afghan Foundation.  What in the world would we have to talk about?  Wow, what didn’t we talk about — logistics, contracts, tax status, vendors, 4×4 trucks, etc.  But at the root of it all?  My quest for sewing machines.

See, I’m stuck on a problem.  The CST and the FET’s are a great match for IBOL/ABOL, as I see it.  But sewing machines are always an issue — cost, availability, and (yes!) electricity.  I can’t do money, I can’t make electricity, but maybe I can work availability.

So, we’re talking.  I am interested in a solution more than I am in it being my solution.  I am worried about finding a way to get it done, than I am about who does it.  I know we can figure something out — it just takes some more head scratching, maybe some emails, maybe a phone call or two — and, I’m sure, some napkins on which to doodle and sketch.

So, yeah — sewing machines.  Manual, nonelectric sewing machines, like the Janone 712T or something.  Something local in Afghanistan is best — with service and parts and all that being right there, local.

More to follow.  Email me if you have ideas — I’m open to everything.  I’m stalking this like it’s a white whale and whale hunting wasn’t seen as a bad thing like i actually is.  Wow — I just realized that Moby Dick is entirely wrong, in our society today.  Bummer.

You can’t rain on my parade

June 23, 2011

I am going to be unstoppable today.

1.  I got up a weeeee bit early today and went for a run.  I’d intended to run last night, but it was still cook-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot at 2100 / 9pm, and that wasn’t going to work (as compared to 0400 / 4am today, when it was in the high eighties Fahrenheit / around 30 degrees Celsius).  A quick six mile run through the quiet of pre-sunrise, and I had restored my balance in life.

2.  There’s an airborne operation that’s suppose to kick off today.  Our good friends in Afghanistan — are you ready for this? — are planning to drop a bundle of bundles out of a perfectly good airplane sometime today.  The world has come full circle — my dad use to say that he lived vicariously through me, and now I’m living vicariously through bundles of fabric.  Who knew.

3.  July is almost here.  Keep putting those bundles in the mail — we’re looking to surge sewing, knitting, and quilting goodies to Afghanistan through July, so there’s still plenty of time.  (Leave a comment below if you need the address).

4.  With July, I promise, will come the start of the next Super Secret Project.

5.  I’ve had a special request for a specific little bit of help, from one specific team out in one specific far corner of Afghanistan.  Is that specific enough for you?  I’m looking for just a couple of people — maybe 5 at most — willing to put together some super heavy bundles.  There are a few kids in Afghanistan, apparently, who like to draw and color and doodle.  Let me know if you’re in — there’s a special address and everything.  Operation Noodle Doodle, I think it should be called.

So, go have a good day.  Go be unstoppable (just don’t get all riled up and invade another country or something).