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August 26, 2010
How do I know this is taking off again?
1.  I am getting traffic from some place called;
2. Guys are leaving comments, asking for the address;
3.  I’m actually recognizing both people’s names and their email addresses, from last year;  and
4. We had almost 1000 web hits on 25 AUG.
Not bad, for day two.
Remember last time, when I put out the challenge for a fabric store to come forward with bundles for sale, at or just above cost? Sew Mama Sew! stepped up and did just that — with some totally amazing results (love you, Sew Mama Sew!)
This time, we need that for thread.  We need it for fabric and yarn, too, but thread would be totally awesome.  Anybody know someone that can either put me in touch with, or that they can drag into this?  Surely there are small business owners out there, willing to Give A Little, right?

Just one

August 27, 2009

Yesterday, there was just one bundle that arrived.

And it was an awesome one. Stunning. It’s from Alicia Lee, BTW.

If you get the chance, swing by and see Robin’s post and challenge. I’d add, though, that yesterday was also a sad day in Iraq for many, with the pass of Abdul Aziz al-Hakim.

Sew, Mama, Sew

August 23, 2009

But really, Whoa, Mama, WHOA!

As you may recall, a while ago I asked on this site if anyone was in the fabric store business. I wondered who was in a position to build bundles at or near cost.

Why? There are people out there in this world, like most all of my guy friends, who would probably be willing to support IBOL but who don’t have a stash into which they can raid. How could they, too, easily help with this?

The answer? Sew, Mama, Sew has set up this site. Anyone can visit the site, use their credit card, and push bundles of love this way. [UPDATE: She blogged the details, here]

Iraqi Bundle of Love
For your contribution of fifteen dollars we will send one Iraqi Bundle of Love to US soldiers who will distribute the bundles to Iraqi families and sewing co-ops. One bundle will include:

* 5 yards of new fabric
* 16 sewing needles in a case
* 32 pearlized pins on a wheel
* 1 tomato pincushion
* 1 pair folding scissors
* 1 150 yd spool white thread

The cost of shipping is included in the price!

So, I think this is about the coolest thing ever. EVER. $15 for 5 yards of fabrics, plus others goodies, shipping included, from Sew Mama Sew. And they have enough to do 150 of these.

150. Remember when I thought 30 bundles was going to make this project a success?

I kid you not — this takes my breath away. This has been SSP1 — Super Secret Project #1 — and in the works for a few days, but it is still amazing to see it online and working. Please feel free to help pass this news around, and please feel free to swing by the Sew, Mama, Sew blog and leave them a comment. Pass it on Facebook, send it on Twitter.

Whoa. Just whoa. If SSP2 turns out half as amazing as this, I’m going to see a medic to give me CPR.


August 6, 2009

Yep.  Sure.  Send it – lots of it.  Knitting needles, too.

Super mega-bonus points if you can help me do either of the following two things:

1.  Find basic knitting instructions somewhere, that are very good and very free of words.  If anyone has seen or knows of good knitting instructions that are just pictures (drawings / photos), I’d love to inclde a link here so interested people can include them in their yarn bundles of love (YARBOLs?).  Someone told me once that knitters were pretty resourceful; hopefully someone can help find a solution for this.

2. Cram the Yarn Harlot into a box and send her.  I’ve heard that she can surge an Army, all for a greater good.  Insurgents would likely lose to an Army of knitters.