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September 27, 2009

Well, luck would have it that near my office, one of the departing units loaded up their shipping containers and hauled them away. In doing so, they left behind their dunnage .

Which I swooped in and grabbed up yesterday.



See those few boxes? Those are, I think, the last bundles to arrive. Who claims the title of Last One to Arrive? Marion Moise, 3/4 of the world away in Mt. Waverley, Victoria, in Australia.

Dunnage in hand, I made a few phone calls, and late last night, they dropped off a stack of six pallets. Hopefully, in a couple of days, we’ll be in a position to start loading them up.

Stashed dunnage

(I had to hide the dunnage, so it’d be there when the pallets were dropped off)

In the meantime, one last link and a photo.

CSM Flores and I

That’s me and CSM Flores, the guy who owns the warehouse. He gave me a key. No, I don’t go and sleep with the bundles.

And here’s the link. Swan posted some photos from the visit this week by the orphans.

For want of some 4×4″

September 25, 2009

Little new in the IBOL world.

Two units snuck in this week and pickled up bundles to deliver. One has two embedded bloggers that I know of, so I am hoping I can get reports back from the two of them when they do their hand overs / deliveries.

For the two big units that I’ve been trying to line up air movement, well, one backed out. The other is still game. I’ve got aircraft on stand by, pallets on which to load the bundles, nets to hold it all in place — I just need dunnage, or 4×4″ beams on which to rest the pallets next to the warehouse. I know — I am looking for lumber these days. The Army — it’s a strange beast.

So, no midnight covert IBOL deliveries this weekend, but maybe some midnight, covert 4×4″ acquisition operations instead.