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IB♥L World Tour Stop in Lake Arrowhead

December 4, 2009

We had a wonderful visit yesterday in at The Mountain Quilters Cottage in Lake Arrowhead. Kate grabbed her two kids from school, rounded up her mom, and made the drive up the hill to the quilt shop. Unfortunately for me, they arrived before I did, and witnessed me pulling up in my FIL’s Subaru, a small trail of smoke coming out from underneath as if it were threatening to catch on fire (just a leaky power-steering pump, making it more dramatic than dangerous). When we got there, the store itself had no power, but their classroom did, so we rounded up a few chairs and chatted while the kids, well, were kids (and were very well behaved and well mannered, too). We chatted some around the project, about how it all got started, about what’s next and what’s ahead for me and the Army and the world. Never got around to having coffee, and with the power initially out in the store, we never did get around the shopping for fabric.

And, apparently, if I don’t write something lengthy up about IBOL and soon, Kate’s mom is going to poke and prod and push me along until I do!

Oh, and yes — there may be a volunteer in Iraq, willing to do a small project like IBOL. Small. SMALL, folks, small. But it’s a start. More details (here, of course) on that when the time is right.

Tomorrow: IB♥L World Tour Stop in Lake Arrowhead

December 3, 2009

Stop two on the world tour will be tomorrow, 03 December at 1400 / 2 pm. The Mountain Quilters Cottage has no idea we’re crashing at their place — maybe I will call them in the morning.

Are you in the area? Come and say hello!

IB♥L World Tour: Beaverton, OR

November 25, 2009

Imagine going to Mt. Rushmore and standing before the monument, only to have them speak to you.

Such was my day today. I got to spend the day with the family, and go to the Sew Mama Sew! Secret Lair, and have coffee with Terry Grant and Gerrie Congdon.


The walk and the tour

November 17, 2009

Just a short update on two not-so-important things.

The JDRF walk was this weekend. It was a fantastic event — they’ve been doing it on the island here for something like 16 years, and it’s evolved into a very smooth, well run event. We woke up that morning to rain — and a lot of it! — but it had stopped by the time we arrived for the pre-walk run and held off until after the walk was complete.

Thank you, for all that contributed in support of this. While I wasn’t able to meet my goal, I was able to help raise over $1000, helping Taylor’s team raise more than $8000 — far beyond their original goal of $5000! The wife and kids and I were talk of the 188 walkers on Team Taylor Kicking Diabetes — with TKD being the largest team to participate.

So, thank you. We had fun doing it, we enjoyed the morning and the great company on the walk, and we enjoyed being able to not only support Taylor and her efforts, but to help support research that will someday lead to finding a cure.

The walk, if you’re interested, started and ended in Kapiolani Park, looping around it and the (totally awesome) Honolulu Zoo. Here’s the map showing the location — yes, it’s right along the beach and yes, it is that awesome and beautiful.

Me, I loved the trees that lines so much of the route.

It helps that the view from the park features Diamond Head.

And if you’re interested, Taylor and her efforts have made the news locally here and here. Who wouldn’t want to report on a cute kid taking on an awesome challenge like this?

Now, about that IBOL World Tour.

This weekend, we’re flying to Oregon. Nothing like last minute details, right? Well, the Army was involved, so things tend to work out that way. The wife and maybe MIL and maybe even the kids and I are planning to go to Beaverton on Tuesday, 24 November — yes, just two days ahead of Thanksgiving. If you’re interested, we’ll meet at the Starbucks in Beaveton (11405 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005-2929) [map] at 1400 / 2pm. I’m using my Google Ninja Skills (GNS) to ferret out where the Sew Mama Sew folks actually do their magic, in case they can’t make it to coffee. But, by all means, feel free to stop by their blog and leave a comment of “OMG! OMG! IBOL Tuesday is next week!” and help me flush them out from their secret lair. (I actually favored calling it IBOLapalooza.)

And stop two on the world tour will be 03 December at 1400 / 2 pm. The Mountain Quilters Cottage isn’t too far from where I’ll be hiding out, and they’re open something like 10 to 5 on weekdays. I figured we could just meet there and chat. If things get really out of hand, we can head on over to the Village Ice Cream & Sweet Shop, though we’d need to see if it’s still open (I heard that it’s up for sale). A little ice cream never hurt, right? Lake Arrowhead is a bit more laid back — I figure we can just play this one by ear a bit more.

Interested? Leave me a comment, or just shoot me an email. And by all means — help me recruit others to come and join in the fun. I think Happy Zombie said she’s make the drive down to Beaverton (probably just to sneak at peak at the SMS Secret Lair, if I can find it). Not sure who else would show up in Lake Arrowhead, but I do know that the shop is wonderful.