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Super Secret Project 4

April 28, 2011

Hiya, everybody.  So, here we are, coming down to the wire for getting bundles into the mail for Fallujah.  End of the week, if you can — getting things in the mail by the end of April means stuff should make it out to the far reaches of the world, or Fallujah, by mid to late May.  So, there’s still time if you’re putting the final touches on something or are just really, really quick about it.

And if you’re not super quick, and you’d find yourself missing that deadline?  Fear not.  I’m closing up the details for the next go around.  We’re take a small pause with the ending this month, catch our breath and, for me, sleep a little bit, and then kick off the next surge.  Will it be good?  Nope — it’ll be awesome.  Stick around, check in from time to time, or, if you’re brave, there’s an email subscription option over there on the right side of the page — you’ll get updates to the blog right there in your email in box.  Think of it like the flood of AOL CD’s you use to get in the mail, just not annoying or bad for the environment.

So, we have one last thing to talk about.  SSP4.  Time to be straight about it.

Super Secret Project 4 has been about babies.

Really.  Babies.  Yes, the hard-core killer Army guy behind IBOL has a soft spot for babies.

Who: The SSP4 Platoon
What:  Receiving blankets
When:  Now through the end of April
Where:  Kurdish region and Kirkuk to start, for onward usage across Iraq
Why:  Because helping babies is pretty awesome.  And by pretty awesome, I mean totally awesome.

Jessica from contacted me about IBOL a while ago, and pitched the idea of doing something together.  Preemptive Love operates out of northern Iraq, but they also do work in an Nasariyah, near my beloved marshes. It’s worth going to their site to read about what they do.  Anyway, they have access to different places, and different groups.  While IBOL3D has been about helping widows in places like Fallujah, SSP4 is about the little ones.

So, we came up with a plan.  With some recruited volunteers, folks have been sending their hand-made receiving blankets to Kirkuk, for onward movement to the Preemptive Love folks in Sulaymaniyah.  Jessica and crew will bring them along on their medical missions, and share them with families and new babies.  Which is pretty awesome, I think.

To all of you who helped with this, thank you.  These types of side projects are kinda fun.

And for all of you who helped out, by all mean, now is the time to come out of the woodwork and leave a comment about.  Share your stories, share your photos, tell tall tales if you must.  Because there are a lot of you, and a lot of neat stories that you’ve shared in emails about what you’ve done with this side project.

Bundles into Fallujah

April 17, 2011

If you’re curious, the first of the bundles have arrived in fallujah.  Superman Jared told me this weekend that the first dozen or so had arrived.  “Are there more en route?” he asked.

Yes, Jared.  There are more en route.

The Baghdad 500

April 13, 2011

So, how’d we do?

We did just fine.  Box count for Baghdad right now stands at about 350, with some more in the mail.  I suspect we’ll max out around 400 by the time they’re all here.  Short of 500, but still a fine set of some awesome bundles for use in some of the tougher neighborhoods here in the city.

So, thank you.  Very generous of you all to help out.  We do appreciate it.

Hello, everyone

February 26, 2011

Well, hello.  Everyone just stopped by yesterday, while I was at work.

And I mean everyone.

Seems that Alex Anderson and crew dropped something on their blog, here, about IBOL. I met and spoke for quite some time with Alex and we were in Houston last year, and she chimed in asking how she could help.

So, to everyone stopping by and leaving a comment — be patient, I’ll send you the details just as soon as I finish up tonight with these protests. Democracy in Iraq and the freedom of the people to protests sorta needs to be my top priority today; I promise I’ll sleep less tonight so I can send out some notes.

But I did want to say hello.

300 and counting

February 23, 2011

Just a quick note.  I had a few more people check in today; there are a hair over 300 bundles en route.  We’re getting there, folks.

Fun and excitement here in iraq, if sarcasm is allowed.  There are calls for protests in Baghdad and elsewhere, for this Friday.  Could the fires of Tunisia and Egypt be spreading to Iraq?  Well, we’ll all need to wait until friday to see — Iraq is one of those places where you need to wait and see it to believe it.

Exciting times, though.

New Bundle Count

February 22, 2011

Just like that, another almost 100 bundles arrived.  Poof — like magic.

Emails keep rolling in, too.  Folks asking for the address, but also wonderful comments and stories from people, sharing their tales of this little adventure of ours.  Pretty cool stuff.

And yes, one rule-breaker sent me about a dozen boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Talk about making my day.  And talk about lighting up the faces of a few dozen Soldiers, too.  That was pretty awesome.

The high score

February 18, 2011

So, what’s the high score, you ask?

That’s a very “guy” question, I know.  Guys ask things like that.  But I’ll tell you anyway.

31.  The high score right now is 31.

When the planets align, and there’s a full moon (go check), and there’s cash in the wallet, and a stash to be busted, the high score becomes 31.

By the way — I am in awe.  You all see how giddy I get over one box, or photos of a bundle being made.  31 boxes?  Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Anyway, i think I am caught up on email right this second.  Which means I should log off before more start to come in.  I’ll be on the road for a couple of days, so understand that it’ll be quite time for me – no emails, no twitter, no FB, nothing.  I’ll be…. reading a book, I guess.  Is that what that’s called?  I mean, it’s one of those bound paper thingies, like pre-Kindle.  So, I’ll check back in, in a couple of days.  If you need the address, leave a comment — just know that it’s going to be a couple of days again before I can answer it.

We have a bundle count!

February 10, 2011

if you view this from the main IBOL webpage, you’ll be able to look to the right side and see the bundle count.  It’s near the top, just under the listing of the various pages (About Me, FAQ, How to build a spy plane, Why cats barf, etc).  No, I’m not going to give the bundle count here — go see for yourself!

So far, so good

February 6, 2011

so, no — bundles have not started to clog up the mail room here.  I expect that will start later this week.  We have a crack team of marsupial standing by, to move them all to the new IBOL Transcontinental Processing Facility (ITPF) here in Baghdad.  I’ve got my camera battery charged and I’m just waiting.

I have, though, been out and about some.  And trying to do some good.  Yesterday, I dragged with me (anything but kicking and screaming) one of our lieutenants, an Air Force one at that.  She hadn’t left our base since she got here.  Got her into a Rhino for a ride to downtown Baghdad, to the International Zone.  Got her out around the IZ, even to the crossed sabres that have been in the press lately, and even over to one of the places for a tour.  And when all we done, I managed to get us onto a Blackhawk for a ride back to our HQ — another first for her.  Of course, she had to have ice cream after dinner, since it was THE BEST DAY EVER (her quote, not mine).  So, yes — I’m trying to do good, while waiting for the boxes to arrive.

Here’s me and one of my guys, at the palace.

Here we are in the helicopter — check out that smile. I even managed to get her a window seat — she spent the ride staring out and taking photos.

Right now, folks have told me of about 35+ bundles that are already in the mail, but also that another 100+ will be getting into the mail.  I know there are some guild meetings coming up to which folks have said they are taking the flier, so I think — so far, so good.


February 3, 2011

Well, there you have it.  In the quick rush, to date, folks have said they’re going to put 92 boxes in the mail.  And today is only Wednesday.

The best part, though, is that there are another 100 people to whom I’m sent the details, and from whom I’ve not heard back yet.  So, I think we’re doing OK so far.

And thank you all, for your kind emails and comments.  You know, that’s one of the things that really makes this such a fun project — good people.

The other thing, of course, is stuff like this.