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Paws for Purple Hearts

November 17, 2010

There’s a neat video to see, here. So far, the program is tied to an academic program, and they have great sponsorship from their academic institutions.

But still — this is neat to see, neat to hear about. Soldiers with PTSD training dogs that will ultimately help other injured vets. Awesome.

A kindred effort: Feed My Sheep

November 14, 2010

I was reading the newspaper today. Yes, an actual newspaper — not online, but those old style things, with big pieces of folded paper, lots of black ink that sometimes gets on your hand, with stories about local events, great heroes, and nearby activities. I came across this article, and it caught my eye.

About 300 of Maui’s hungry could miss Thanksgiving dinner this year because of an accident at a mobile food kitchen. A large eucalyptus tree fell Friday at the site of Feed My Sheep’s headquarters in Puunene because of dry soil from the drought. It damaged three of the nonprofit’s seven trucks, a 24-foot refrigeration unit and the office trailer. No one was hurt, but organization officials estimate damage at up to $75,000. “It’s kind of crippled us,” said Joyce Kawakami, executive director of Feed My Sheep, which serves about 9,500 people at six locations on Maui every week. She said if they don’t get another box truck soon, they may be forced to close the Kihei site Saturday, when Thanksgiving dinner is delivered. Kawakami remains determined to get food to the needy and is reaching out to the public for help, especially during the biggest delivery week of the year. “We don’t stop,” she said. “Nothing stops us. There’s people who need food and services. We can’t not do it. We’re going to have to make it work somehow.” Feed My Sheep serves about 85 percent of Maui’s hungry, from children to senior citizens, passing out 10 pounds of dry food and produce to each person each week. The group borrowed a pickup truck yesterday to deliver food in Kihei, the smallest of the three sites it delivers to on Saturdays, but could deliver only about half of the usual 3,000 pounds for the 300 clients.

I went and checked out their website (here), and wow, they sure sound like IBOL. “We are Friends helping Friends!” sure sounds like something we’d say, huh? Facing a setback, they borrowed a truck to find a way to still get it done. And started by a woman who saw a need, an quietly just started to work to meet it.

I’d say, what they do sure sounds a bit like what we do.

They’re in a bit of a bind right now. I know there are a few of you who read this, who are here on the islands with me. I’m not sure how many or if any of you are on Maui, but Auntie Joyce could sure use a hand. She needs some trucks, she needs some repairs, and she always need some help paying for this all. Stop by the website if you can, and if you can help, please consider doing so.

Oh, and I’ve tagged this with “Incremental things” — add this to the pile of small, lilttle things we can easily do to help make the world a better plac.e