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IBOL: How it all began

August 5, 2009

I don’t just come up with these hair-brained ideas all on my own. I am lucky enough to work with some pretty amazing people.  And wild things seem to happen when we bat around ideas.

While I am working on this project, there’s more to it.  Really, this IBOL stuff is pretty minor compared to what CPT T is trying to do.  But I’ll let you listen to the story.

This link will open iTunes and give you a short (8 minute or so) podcast I made, about where this idea came from.  If you’re not an iTunes type, try this link in order to download the file.  It’s in the iTunes format; if that’s an issue, let me know and I can send an MP3 file to you.

It’s short, uneventful, and probably not all that exciting, but it is my attempt to explain where this all came from.  Really, it’s not my fault – that’s the message.

Oh, and if you’ve not heard back from me, after leaving a comment…. well, I may have missed one.  It’s been a flood. I think I sent everyone a note.  I tend to be about 12 hours behind on them, due to work / sleep, etc.  It’s more than 24 hours, and you’ve heard nothing from me, that means  screwed up.  Send me another comment.