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On Norway

July 26, 2011

I know, I know. I’m normally such a happy, cheery kind of guy.

Norway, though, has me sad.  Such sorrow.  Such a tragic loss.

And so much hatred.  It still baffles me, after all these years and all of these adventures, to find people with such hatred in their heart.

This attack, these deaths, perhaps mean something different for me – my wife and I have ties to Norway, friendships, that span more than 15 years.  We’ve had grand adventures there, been treated like family there.  Shared meals and tales.

It is so sad.

The dangers of Iraq

April 18, 2011

If you think life in Iraq is easy, I can tell you it isn’t.

And if you think life will be just perfect on the US Forces leave, well, it won’t.

CNN and other news agencies are reporting on two suicide car bombs that are said to have detonated at the International Zone in Baghdad, what was once called the Green Zone.  The reporting seems to all indicate that the bombers set off their devices outside of the IZ itself.

So what? Well, the IZ isn’t controlled by the US Forces.  It’s controlled by the Iraqis.  And outside the IZ?  That’s just called Baghdad.  That’s where the Iraqis live and work and carry on with their lives.

These weren’t car bombs that killed mass amounts of Americans, or sent a message to the US population.  They were an attack that wounded and killed Iraqis, that reinforced the fact that even after the American Forces depart, there will still be strife and conflict in this land, likely for a very long time.

Should US Forces stay?  Would that make a difference?  That’s not for me to decide — hell, that’s not even for me to think about.  That’s an issue for the Iraqis and their elected leaders.  In a sovereign nation, these are the things that weigh on the minds of the people and the shoulders of their leaders.

But know this – it was a tough day to be an Iraqi.  Night has fallen, the moon is out, and it’s quiet near where I am.  I know that out here in the city, families mourn while others care for their wounded loved ones.  That won’t change in 2012, when I am home with my family.