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Sometimes, it’s more than awesome

June 28, 2011

You know, it’s not all horrible over here.

I spent Monday on the road, heading out to go see another unit.  It just so happens that we went by air, and that I got the best seat in the house, and that our path took us over the marshes.  Dumb luck on my part, but it made for a pretty awesome day.

No, that’s not a road but a waterway.

See?  Boats, not terrorists.  Not even speeding boats, just boats.

Want to know the best thing about today?

Ann and Diana (Diana and Ann?) and their nine boxes / 45 lbs of love.  It made my day.


August 20, 2009

So, 26 bundles have arrived. Today brought the first YARBOL — yarn bundle of love.

And I have to ask — how does my stash compare to yours? I think this stash is AWESOME.

And I need to show you one more bundle. It’s the anti-bundle. It arrived….. naked.

Can you see those? The fabric is truly spectacular. Opening the box, my first thought was, Someone could part with this? I’ll grad something and bundle it up in the next couple of days – probably after I get to stare at it some more.

Oh, and before I forget — my room has that wonderful smell of fabric. Which is much nicer than its normal smell of running shoes. All I need now is a cat to sleep amongst the bundles, and all would be right in the world.

And relax — there’s plenty of time still. The mailing deadline isn’t until 07 September — weeks away! Go play in your stash, rummage around and bit.


August 6, 2009

Yep.  Sure.  Send it – lots of it.  Knitting needles, too.

Super mega-bonus points if you can help me do either of the following two things:

1.  Find basic knitting instructions somewhere, that are very good and very free of words.  If anyone has seen or knows of good knitting instructions that are just pictures (drawings / photos), I’d love to inclde a link here so interested people can include them in their yarn bundles of love (YARBOLs?).  Someone told me once that knitters were pretty resourceful; hopefully someone can help find a solution for this.

2. Cram the Yarn Harlot into a box and send her.  I’ve heard that she can surge an Army, all for a greater good.  Insurgents would likely lose to an Army of knitters.