What to send

Would you like the short answer?

Anything.  Everything.

The longer answer is below, but first let me offer an explanation.

I made my first trip to this country in 1994.  I know, I know — “Hey, Mr. IBOL Guy, Americans weren’t really welcome in Iraq in 1994 — WTH?”  I went into the Kurdish region back then, doing homework for a school assignment (really!).  I saw that nothing was every thrown away.  Everything was re-used — bottles, packing material, tires, anything and everything.  Iraq was, at that time, under international sanctions, the economy was hurting, and little was being produced in Iraq and little seemed to be coming into Iraq.

People made due.  It’s not like they had a choice.

So, really, I think anything and everything sent will be used, even today. I thought about trying to lay out a list of what / what not to send, but really, I think it makes more sense to talk about it instead.

Do send solid colors and simple prints.

Don’t worry about sending that orange fabric with green pineapples. It’ll get used.

America, I know, can be the land of crazy prints.  Iraq and Afghanistan just aren’t that crazy.  Maybe less on the people prints, the animals, the flags, etc.  Simple, and solids, are good, but prints work, too.

Do send bulk or big pieces of fabric.

Don’t worry about sending the pieces and parts from that project you started but realize you’ll never get it. Those 8000 one-inch hexagons you cut out 7 years ago? OK, maybe not those, necessarily.

Do send other things, like thread, needles, buttons, beads, etc. Thinking about anything and everything that someone can use to make something by hand or by machine.

Don’t worry about the kind of scissors, or what size bobbin it’s on. Someone will figure something out. This project is about raw materials.  Whatever it is, it’ll get used.

Do look around and see if you have heavier fabrics, too.

Don’t worry about batting.

And do smile.  This is suppose to put a warm feeling in your belly.  And when all else fails, think big.

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  1. What to send « Iraqi Bundles of Love Says:

    […] to send By IBOL Guy I managed to put together a short piece (here) about what to send and what not to send.  i am kind of making this all up as I go, so I will try […]

    • MsMauri Says:

      How about quilt magazines? While most could not read the words, the pictures could be invaluable for generating ideas for what to do with all those charm squares in the boxes….

      I also found several large pieces of wool fabric – this is destined for places where they have real winters? (I know I have wool and flannel Afghani and Kasmiri-style salwar kameez)

      Last time my cousin headed for Afghanistan on a humanitarian mission he took with him 60 woolen beanies my mom knitted – he said they were very well received!!

    • Liz Says:

      Please send the address. This is a great way to thin out your stash and help someone else in the process. Thank you for what you are doing and God Bless.

    • amy Says:

      please sent the address.

    • Barbara in Florida Says:

      Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help Iraqis,
      person to person. About what to send – do you want only sewing thread or are embroidery threads good also, such as rayon and cotton?

    • katie Says:

      please send me the address – i would like to participate

    • Barbara Stanfield Says:

      Please send APO address. We’ve got to hurry … only a few days left.

    • Alice Hayden Says:

      I am a quilter & my Mom was into fiber arts. And my Mom passed away 3 years ago and I am drowning in fabric, etc., I mean I can’t throw fabric away, you never know; but what a great way to pass on some of Mom’s stuff and making it meaningful rather than adding to over burdened land fills. Thanks, Mom & I are in…yeah I think she knows. 8^)

    • jenny Says:

      I’ve shared the link with several people that I quilt with, and already have the contents pulled together for at least two packages.

    • aieral Says:

      i know timeis running out but if you could please send the address i can whip up a box or two.

    • Karin Ikesaki Says:

      I’m on it! I’m determined to meet the deadline!

    • ALau Says:

      Thank you for providing the opportunity to share what we have. I would like to send some fabric.

    • Joan and friends Says:

      Our Sacramento church just sent 5 boxes out. I wish we could have done more. Would like to hear the results after distributed, if possible

    • Margie Burns Says:

      Could you send me the mailing address? I want to send at least one box.

      Thank you.

  2. Solsisters Says:

    My bag making team at http://www.carriedawayteam.blogspot.com is all over this.
    You can expect a few boxes from us 🙂

    I’m making my mom pack one up, too.

    • MsMauri Says:

      OK OK…I am Solsisters Mom and I am packing – I find I have the fabric sets for 3 salwar kameez – I will box those up, too – and I am sorting through my stash. Now…what was that APO address?

  3. Michele Says:

    “Those 8000 hexagons you cut out 7 years ago? They’ll get used”

    If that isn’t the most liberating sentence ever!

    All those bright flannel quilts I started to make and never finished……I’d love to send that on. Probably have enough fabric and blocks for 4 boxes.

    Please send me the address.

    Best regards,

  4. IBOL Guy Says:

    Quilt magazines sound great. I am sure the visuals will not be lost.

    Wool? Absolutely. Winters even in this part of Iraq can a wee bit chilly. No show in this area, but down to freezing.

  5. lisa austin Says:

    Please send the address and I will get together a care package for you and the ladies. Wonderful idea.

    • Allison Sasaki Says:

      Please send me the address. My mom was a quilter and I have all her things since she passed away. I will start making boxes for you and put them in the mail this weekend.

  6. Jay Says:

    Hey IBOL Guy, This endeavor is really wonderful! You can count on me to send at least a couple of boxes. Please send me your APO address. You’re right about the warm feeling in the stomach. It’s nice to think of giving of my quilting stash to people half way around the world. Thank you for organizing this, and thank you for your military service to our country. Jay Hall, Endicott, NY

  7. Solsisters Says:

    my box is on it’s way over the ocean to you as of this morning

  8. IBOL Guy Says:

    Yippee! It sounds as if I am going to have to hire sherpas to carry all the bundles!

  9. badlands quilts Says:

    Would you prefer wovens or are cotton knits ok? (like a nice turtleneck you’d buy?) Baby prints ok? please advise… you can send me your address to as I will send you something for sure. I’m happy to share!

  10. caron Says:

    Awesome! I am coordinating a memorial project for those who have died in the war (andstillcounting.blogspot.com) and have lots of solid scraps. I love the idea of scraps from the memorial project going over to be used in Iraq! Full circle.
    Please send your address – I’m off to pack some boxes.

  11. carolyn Says:

    I’ll send a bundle and post a link on my blog but where do I send it to?

    • Chris Schehr Says:

      What a GREAT idea! We send CARE packages to our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. What a wonderful way to support the people! Please send me the address so I can send off a box or two tomorrow.
      Chris in So. Calif.

  12. Janine Says:

    HI I am in Canada
    I can send a few boxes to the APO address – Ihave lots of fabrics to share.
    Thanks for doing this!

  13. Lavina Dee Says:

    I’d love to put together a couple of boxes. Please send me the info. Thanks for being the change.

  14. Anita Says:

    My girlfriend and I would like to team up and send a bundle. Could you please email the shipping address to me? thanks!

  15. becca Says:

    i can’t find your email address so am posting here- I am putting together a bundle right now so if yuo could kindly email me the address I will put this in the mail. What a wonderful program. Thank you!!

  16. Barb Krause Says:

    Count me in! I have several sewing groups I am a member of that I will pass this along to also. Thanks for mentioning heavier fabric also. Silly me, was stuck on quilting stuff! Oh, and I’m keeping my hexagons. I’m still working on that quilt! 🙂
    Send me the address, I’m headed to the post office to get those boxes.

  17. Diane Pickthall Says:

    I’d love to help. Please send me the address. I think this is a wonderful idea. Tks, Diane

  18. Kathy Says:

    I would love to put something together. Please send me the addres.

  19. Jennifer Says:

    I would love to get several bundles out.. please send me the mailing address. Also, is there a way to contact you directly as you have 7 Sept. your end date. Why is that? I would like for my husband continue your work if you are returning back to the states. Thanks!

  20. Sassenach Says:

    This is terrific — I just went through my sewing room last week and was wondering the best way to donate materials! Please send the address.

  21. Rebecca Says:

    I can see the numbers of these IBOL growing exponentially even as I write. You may , indeed, need “sherpas” by the beginning of Sept! There are nothing like quilters (and quilters on the web!) for generating networks.
    I’d be delighted to contribute to your effort and to the women of Iraq. Please send me your address. Thank you for adding your good work to the world.

  22. IBOL Guy Says:

    Jennifer, I sent you an email on this. I picked 7 SEP to coincide with the end of Ramadan, and to make sure this did not drag past when I will be here in Iraq (I go home this fall). I did not want stuff arriving after I had left! But that’s not to say that others can pick right up where I leave off — in fact, I am recruiting two new arrivals (one is the daughter of a quilter) to see if they will do just that, here at my base.

    • Caroline Rudisill Says:

      Yarn, knitting and crochet needles, thread and fabric coming your way. Many thanks for thinking globally and acting locally. Please send address and I’ll send a bundle today.

  23. Barb Amorin Says:

    Wow- – what a wonderful thing to do. I am in the midst of a major clean up in my sewing room and would love to send a bundle or two. Thanks for what you are doing! Please send the address and I’ll get something on the way soon.

  24. Michelle Says:

    I would love to participate. Please send me your address. This is a fabulous idea!

  25. Debbie G Says:

    I’d love to contribute. Please send me the address. Thanks so much for doing this!!

  26. Lisa M Says:

    I have a pile of fabric, etc that is just waiting for a home. Living in Hawaii too, some of it is bright, but I will make sure there is a mix. Please send me the address and I will package it up tonight!


  27. Monique Says:

    What an awesome project! You may not realize how many of us crave these simple-but-effective service projects as a way that we can make a difference in the lives of others. I’m always looking for opportunties for my modest contribution to make a big difference to someone else…”leveraged giving” if you will. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this. Please send me your APO address!

    Question: Back in my single days, I made a quilt out of the “cut-offs” (the bottom leg part) from jeans that had been turned into shorts, donated by friends and family. It’s THE BEST quilt ever, sleeping under the well-work britches of folks you love. Anyway, do you think demin ends of this sort would be used?

    You are the embodiment of diplomacy and good-will between the American and Iraqi people. Thank you! I’ll post a diddy about your project on my blog 🙂


  28. Sally Says:

    I would love to participate. Please send me the address to mail the package. Sally

  29. Ginny McLaren Says:

    I love this idea and will go through my stash tomorrow. I’ve become more committed to weaving and spinning fiber than quilting so sending this off to a group that can make use of it will make me feel better about my perpetual need to acquire more and more of whatever I love at the moment.

    Congratulations on this project. You may be too overwhelmed by enthusiastic fabric folks to dig your way out of this…I hope the response is great.

    Now, where do I send my box?

  30. Donna DuMouchel Says:

    This is a great idea! You will definitely be getting a couple of bundles from me. Send me the APO address, please.

  31. cher Says:

    I too am jumping on this opportunity to give back in such a simple and basic way-send your APO address please. I have more than enough to send and share the love

  32. Juanita Says:

    Great idea. I’d love to share my stash with those who can use it. I need your APO address, please.

  33. Kathleen Smallfield Says:

    I’ve got a bundle ready to go! Please send your address!

  34. Anne Says:

    Please send me you APO address. I have a bunch of crochet hooks and knitting needles that I brought home from my mother’s house when she passed away. Along with needles, thread, scissors, etc. I can fill a box for you. Thank you for doing what you do.

  35. Cathy Says:

    I would love to join in. I live in Germany and would very much appreciate a mailing address.

    Thanks so much for the idea and allowing us the opportunity to help out.

  36. Linda Doyle Says:

    You’re a true humanitarian. Great idea. Hopefully you’ve received enough fabric and misc. to make a big difference. We here can only imagine how hard life is there for those poor folks.

    Please share your APO with me, and I’ll pass the word to all my sewing friends here who are looking for a way to help. We’ve been knitting caps for the troops, but this project seems even more needed and appreciated.

    Thanks for all you’re doing.

    Linda in Alabama

  37. Kathleen Finn Jones Says:

    Please send me the address and I will put together a box.
    Thanks for doing this this wonderful project.


  38. Sue Munn Says:

    This is brilliant!! Send me the address and I’ll send a box! Maybe a bunch of boxes!

  39. Cinnamon Cooper Says:

    Can I get the shipping address as well? I’ve got some bulk fabric I’d love to have go to good use. I’ve knit a few baby blankets that were shipped to Iraq as part of a Quaker project for newborns. This is a great idea. Thank YOU!

  40. Susanne Brisach Says:

    Please send the APO address. My husband is retired military and we think of you over there daily. It would be such a pleasure to be able to do something, however small!

  41. Kate Says:

    What a great idea! I’m working on a couple of boxes–will take me a few days to get them together–would you please send me your address?



  42. Dorothee Says:

    Hi Art, what about yarns? I have a selection left over from when my aupair returned home and will not ever be able to use it all up. Shall I see if I have knitting needles to (relatively match) and pack those up as well?

    I believe Kristin gave me your friend’s NL address. If not I’d be in touch again. I plan on packing a parcel this weekend.

    And thanks for doing this. It’s great to be able to do something at grass root level that will actually make someone’s live a little brighter.

  43. Jenny Says:

    I’m in! Send me the address and at least one box will be on the way! I’ve been planning to destash and this will help!


  44. Magpie Sue Says:

    I have a question: how about sequins? Or would they be too flashy in that culture? I have a large quantity of small (7mm) sequins I could certainly share.

  45. Ann Says:

    I’d love to go through my stash of yarn, fabric, and whatever else I can bundle! What is the APO, please?

    Thank you!

  46. goodworks1 Says:

    Thanks for setting up this way for us to share!

  47. DeAnne Says:

    I’m in, just send me your APO, please.

  48. Carolyn McIntosh Says:

    Neat idea/short time. Your address and our small quilt group will get to work before Sept. 7 deadline. Bless you. Take care.

  49. Sharon Larkin Says:

    I just came across your site via a “destash” Flickr group I was browsing and popped over here for a little look. Well, I’m so choked up, I’m almost in flippin tears ~ how weird is that?? I would so love to send you a bundle of bits and bobs, and those magic words of “anything” and “everything” to send were just what I needed to see! I have way too much stuff stashed away “because it might come in handy for a project”, so much that I can’t even get into my bloomin work room (aka the garden shed!) to actually get started on any projects. I’ve been having a really hard time getting motivated to destash but this site has provided me with the absolutely perfect reason to get going.

    I’m in the UK, so hope that I can still take part ~ do please let me know 🙂

    with very best wishes

  50. Roberta Anson Says:

    cleaning out the sewing room this week – perfect timing – I have stuff to get rid of and now a place to send it !

  51. RogueKnits Says:

    Please send me your APO address. I have some stash yarn and fabric just waiting for a good home, and I’m sure my knitting group members would like to add to the bundle as well!

  52. Lucy Zahnle Says:

    What a great idea! I’m in! And I’ll tell my friends! Please send me the shipping address for IBOL.

  53. Dede Ledford Says:

    Thank you for doing this. I will send some boxes and pass on the address to my quilt group!

  54. Katrina Williams Says:

    Great idea! I would love to send a bundle. Please send the shipping address.

  55. Karen Ambrecht Says:

    This website was emailed to me by a fellow quilter. I just think this is the best idea. I wish I would have thought to do this when my son was over there, he just came back in May. So just send me the address, I have lots of boxes and forms. But hey thanks for the electronic one. Funny I mentioned it to Post office workers and they never gave me any indication there was an online versioin. Many thanks for having this projecty and helping us fabric stashers with our stash.

  56. Thea Chambers Says:

    Wonderful, what a heart-warming way to reduce my over abundant stash.
    Please send me the address. I’m sure I can come up with two boxes and a couple of extra scissors.

  57. janie shriver Says:

    what is the address i need to mail my bundle to? I’m going to pick up a box to mail today? wonderful idea! janie

  58. Marian Newland Says:

    What a great idea! Please send the address–my box is almost ready!
    Thanks for doing this!!!

  59. Kaari Says:

    Hi –

    Very cool idea! I am a fabric designer for Moda and have lot’s of extra material that I would love to make into bundles of love! Please send me the address and I will start gathering the material!


  60. Sarah Says:

    What an idea! I have plenty in my fabric stash that I would love to share. Please send me the address.

  61. Dee Says:

    Please mail me the address. I’ve got some supplies for you. Will be mailing from Australia.
    Thanks. Dee

  62. Rebekah Says:

    I would love to get involved in this! Please send me the address.

  63. Jen Says:

    Count me in! Please send me your address. I’m a procrastinator, so for me it’s a good thing that there’s a deadline! Is it OK to combine yarn and fabric in one package, or should a bundle be focused on one or the other?

    Thanks for this opportunity. I’ll be sharing the info with my local shop.

  64. simone Says:

    I’d love to send a box….shoot me over your address! Also, I have some matelasse coverlets that have been cut and used for various sewing projects, should I send those as well? There is still A LOT of useable fabric left to them. Thanks! Such a great cause. YOU have good karma!

  65. Mimi Says:

    Need your address, please. You are THE AWESOME!

  66. Alice S Says:

    I was able to put together a nice bundle for an Iraqi lady today. Its ready to go as soon as I get the address of where to mail it to. Thank you for organizing this effort. It makes me feel good to share some of my abundance with someone who will truly appreciate it.

  67. elizabeth Says:

    Thank you very much for all you are doing. please send me your address – I am a new quilter (only doing it for 6 years!) and would love to contribute.

  68. Debbie Says:

    Great idea! Please email me the address…would love to send a bundle.

  69. Rita Says:

    Please let me know where to ship the supplies. I’ll see what I can find.

  70. Evelyn Says:

    Brilliant idea! I hope it really does keep going once you’ve left. Please send me you mailing adress. I’ll be mailing from Germany- is there any way to get the stuff to you in time?

  71. Christie Says:

    Send the APO and the folks here at Fort Bliss will get right on it!

  72. Laurie Says:

    Would love to send a bundle. Where do I send it?

  73. Connie Says:

    Count me in!

  74. Karen Says:

    I would love to participate. I have a big fabric stash but no longer sew much. Plus I have inherited my grandmother’s button stash and will not use them up as long as I live. Please send me your address!

  75. Courtnie Burrell Says:

    Please send me the address. I have already started on my bundle!

  76. Jeanne Says:

    I would love to be part of this wonderful project. Please send me the address. Thank you for all you are doing.

  77. Flyin’ Needles » Charity Opportunities Says:

    […] links: The IBOL Site What to put in an IBOL To buy a ready-made […]

  78. Janet Says:

    Please send me the address. I can mail this week.

  79. Tracy Says:

    Oh, I have fabric! Lots of fabric and all 100% cotton. As I have so much, it might be better to put it in larger boxes than the flat rate in order to keep my shipping costs down. I am in VA (my husband is at the Pentagon and we sincerely appreciate all you are doing). What address do I send it to? Also, is just fabric fine? Will you be able to make it into your bundles?

    Take care,
    Tracy Hicks

  80. Mary Says:

    Will you accept knitting supplies (needles, yarn, etc.) as well? ‘Cause I have a ton of that! Please email me directly. 🙂

  81. Sarah Ness Says:

    First, thanks so much for your service! I would love to help, please send the APO address. Thanks!

  82. Deborah Capwell Says:

    What a great idea! Please send address.

  83. Beatrice Says:

    If I may… I hope it’s not offensive to share a link to another project? As they say, ‘a flame loses none of it’s light, lighting another’.
    I’d like to share the Mother Bear Project with you.


    It is similar to your wonderful bundles project, but instead sends knitted teddy bears to childern in Africa, particularly those affected by aids and hiv. I myself was on a trip to South Africa (I live in Scandinavia) this year, and I got to visit a ‘kindergarten’ in one of Cape Town’s townships. The memory of that visit will stay with me. Their poverty, yet warm welcoming is devastating, and almost 30% of the children born are diagnozed with hiv.

    If you are interested please follow the link above (please note, I am not at all involved, other than spreading the word.)

    Thank you, and again, I hope I have not offened by promoting another project, I have already posted and asked for the address to send a bundle! xo

  84. IBOL Guy Says:

    Oh, Beatrice — it’s entirely appropriate!

  85. Susan Says:

    I’m in. Please send the address. You’ve got a big heart.

  86. Liz Says:

    Great project! I’d like the address please. I have 2 boxes ready for you.

  87. Kim Says:

    I have a whole lot of yarn that could use a good home! Please send me your address. 🙂
    Solsisters is my kid sister and MsMauri is my mom 😉 I have already bought a box from Sew Mama Sew but when talking with Krystal (SolSisters) I told her about all this yarn I got that I’m not doing anything with.. She told me to pack it up and send it to YOU!
    You are doing something totally awesome, amazing.. I’m just glad I can get the chance to help out!

  88. Carolien Says:

    What a wonderful idea!
    I would love to share some of my fabrics and sewing supplies. Please send me your address. I could send the box by Aug 28th.

  89. Kim Says:

    Fabulous idea. I have been cleaning out my laundry/sewing room and would love to contribute some things. Please send the address and I will get it in the mail soon.

    Thank you for looking out for others!!!!

  90. Susan Says:

    please send address. thanks!

  91. Kim Says:

    I’d love to do a box!!! Thanks for the great idea 🙂

  92. sylvia Says:

    send the address. have fabric will ship.

  93. emtdlb Says:

    If we send yarn, is that all you want in that bundle or would you like us to include crochet hooks, knitting needles and scissors as well? I may have enough yarn to send just a box of that so just want to make sure. Thanks!!!

  94. Elinore Says:

    I’m in! Send me the address. Thanks for your service – you are a fabulous person.

  95. Rachel Says:

    Sign me up!

  96. Alice Says:

    Wonderful idea!!
    Send us the addy!

  97. Sarah McM Says:

    From UK and also in. I have some beautiful childrens fabric that can only be put to better use than sitting in my cupboard. Peace. x

  98. Nancy Says:

    What a wonderful project! Please send me the address.

  99. Heather Says:

    Holy cow. Send me the address, please. I know I can find something.

  100. Joyce Says:

    Great idea! I’d love to participate.

  101. Lisa Scandrette Says:

    I’d love to make a bundle or two. Please send me your address.

  102. Adelaide Says:

    I’m in. Please send me the address. Thanks.

  103. Lisa S. Says:

    I just recently redid my studio and I have lots of fabric and sewing supplies I’d be happy to send. Please send me the address where to do that and I will get them out as soon as possible. This is such a great thing and it would be an honor to be a part of it.

  104. Mary Schaudies Says:

    Please send me your address so I can mail out a package or two. You are wonderful for organizing/coordinating this.

  105. Jett Says:

    Can you send me the address? I’m in the UK will I need the other address?

  106. Rachel Hanan Says:

    I’d love to get involved. Please send me the address and I’ll get a bundle out!

  107. Nadine Says:

    There is a lot of lovely blouse fabric languishing in my stash (high quality polyester), and other clothing-type fabric, which has all been neglected since I’ve been quilting. I’m hoping that would work for those who need clothing……….please confirm. This is a wonderful project! thanks.

  108. Mari Says:

    I’d like your address to send a package. This is a great way to thin out my stash!

  109. Janice Says:

    I’m way interested… & my husband will be thrilled. Please share your apo for yarn and fabric/thread, etc.

    Also, if you know an individual looking for toys to give out, please share my email address with him/her. My contact left before I could get the last batch sent.

  110. Tracey Says:

    Please send along the address for mailing a bundle.

    Are embroidery supplies okay as well? (Small pieces of linen fabric, skiens of embroidery floss, needles, etc.)

  111. Dj Says:

    What a great idea! I’ll be sending out as many bundles as I can before the 7th!

  112. Iraqi Bundles of Love « Life with Nin Says:

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  113. Gina Swanson Says:

    Yes. please send me the address. I may send more than one box as I have tons of stuff. I wish that someone would take over for you after you leave. Thank you.

  114. Rogene E Ashford Says:

    I am excited to be gathering and sending a bundle of quilting supplies to Iraq. Trusting that God and you will get them delivered where they will be appreciated and used! Send me the address please, so I can spread the word thru our quilt guild! THANKS RONNIE

  115. Casey Says:

    I would love to get the address, I have a lot of things I could send!

  116. Mary Coleman Says:

    I would love to send stuff. Please send an address. Thanks. Bright Blessings to you.

  117. Thoughts of Beauty » Iraqi Bundles of Love Overall Beauty Sending 9 Pounds of Yarn! Says:

    […] general information is here: https://ibol.wordpress.com/what-to-send/ Information on how to build a bundle is here: https://ibol.wordpress.com/building-a-bundle/ […]

  118. Ginger Says:

    Send me the address and I’ll put together some boxes! What better way to help someone in need when I feel I have so much.

  119. Marcey Says:

    Please send me the address. My stash could use a good thinning!

  120. Pearl Johannson Says:

    Please forward the address information. I’ve been hording fabric for a long time and would feel good to pass it on to be used. Thanks so much!

  121. Julia Welch Says:

    Hello Sir –

    What a great idea! Thank you for doing this! This is just the thing that my Girl Scouts and their leaders can get behind and if you would send me the APO address, I will see that at least several boxes arrive from the Songbird Service Unit of the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. Thanks again and take care –

    Julia Welch
    Songbird Service Unit Director
    Girl Scouts of Central Texas

  122. Ellen Ban Says:

    Please send the address so I can help out too!

  123. Debra Says:

    I would love to help out, please send the address. Thanks!

  124. Thiry Says:

    This is awesome! Please send me your address.

  125. Ann in Marin Says:

    Great project. Would knitting supplies–yarn– be welcome, any restrictions as to what kind? I’d like to participate–please send me the address. You have made my day!

  126. Sue Andrus Says:

    Please send me your address… I just found out about this…. It is a great idea! I a have a son in Iraq right now, returning in Jan, so this hits home for me, too. I have lots of goodies to send along.

  127. Toni Says:

    Please send me your address! I only have a small sewing stash…knitting and spinning yarn are my main hobbies so my box will lean more towards yarn. I’ve been wondering…do you have access to someone that could translate the words wool, cotton, and acrylic into arabic so that I can label the yarns? I thought about going online and trying to find out, but worry about getting a bad translation!
    Also, not to start another snowball rolling, but do Iraqi women spin? I have roving (mostly wool) and maybe fleece (washed of course!) that I could share as well if there is a need. =)

    Thank you! Be safe and God bless you!

  128. Ladylin151 Says:

    What a wonderful idea! Please do send the address, thanks.

  129. alene Says:

    What a wonderful project !!! Please email your APO adress and I will create a bundle .

  130. Katie Says:

    Please send the address!

  131. Lois Gase Says:

    Please send me the address – I’ll be sending two bundles; one of knitting and of sewing supplies…. coming from California……


  132. Sandi Says:

    Can you send me your address so that I can put together a box or 2 and send it out? This is really a terrific idea and not only helps the people of Iraq but also fills a need to “help others” here in the US. I’m always looking for things I can do to help out when I can. Thanks!

  133. Barbie Whitehead Says:

    Oh my! What a great idea. My mother was a professional seamstress that made unbelievable window treatments, wedding gowns, etc. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia and is now in the severe stage. Her workroom is “as is” from years ago and my sisters and I have NO IDEA what to do with all that fabric, hundreds of buttons, etc….until now. Please send me the address and we’ll send as we can afford to.

  134. kathleen Says:

    Please give me the address to which I should send my bundle.

  135. Monica M Says:

    Can I have the address? I think I have some nice things they might like. Thanks!

  136. Brigitte Says:

    I would like to send some goodies. Please send me the address. Thanks.

  137. Laurel Says:

    I would be honored to send off a bundle…please send me the address…the deadline fast approaches…Laurel

  138. Heather Says:

    Thank you for doing this! I would love to fill a box! (My husband would love the extra space in our house as well!!!)

  139. Cindy Says:

    I want to do this. Please send me the address. Thank you.

  140. Karen Says:

    Please send me the address – I’ve been holding onto stash for too long, not wanting to just give it away to someone else who will hold onto it for too long. It’s wonderful to know that it will be used and help someone, not just insulate the walls of my workroom.

  141. Juli Says:

    Love this!! Please forward a mailing address.

  142. Maryann McEvoy Says:

    I want to take part, please send the address. This is a great idea and you are wonderful to take your time to do this.

  143. Marianna Says:

    I’ve got my boxes of stash and yarn ready to go. Please send me your address and more importantly–THANK YOU!!!

  144. MaryV Says:

    Late to hear of this. It makes me so happy and I am smiling. You are wonderful to conceive this and take it on. Please send me the address.

  145. lindsey Says:

    please send me the address. i’ve just been cleaning out my studio – what timing.

  146. Kathleen Says:

    I’d like to try to send you some yarn by the deadline and perhaps some needles if you could send me the address.

  147. Betty Finnila Says:

    Please send me the address. I work with a group of quilters and I’m sure we’ll send a bundle or two or three.

  148. Marina McIntire Says:

    Please do send the address. I’m a knitter with a stash that would last me three lifetimes! Better to spread the joy! I’ll include some needles as well, since I seem to accumulate them faster even than the yarn.

  149. Lois Says:

    I am packing a box today. Super idea, I know I have plenty to pack a box or two. Thanks for the opportunity. Our guild has made over 4000 pillowcases for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, so now it is nice to something for the women living there as well.

  150. Jenna Stickler Says:

    I just learned of IBOL about 15 minutes ago and my husband is already on his way to the post office to pick up a couple of boxes. My stash needs to help in this project…wish I had learned of this earlier. My husband also needs to see the stash get smaller…win-win situation all way round. Please send me the mailing address ASAP so I can meet the September 7th deadline. This is a brilliant idea…blessings to you.

  151. Jenna Stickler Says:

    I learned of IBOL 15 minutes ago and husband is off to the P.O. for boxes asI type. Please send the mailing address. This is a brilliant idea for a people to people project. Blessings to you and your helpers.

  152. Susan Costin Says:

    Can you share with us the end result of all of these gifts? Are they going to women who are starting their own businesses? Going to families who need blankets? You’ve obviously received quite a lot of stash samples, please let us know what happened to them. Thanks

  153. Nancy Brenan Daniel Says:

    OK… I get it! Please send the shipping address. WOW! What a great way to get some of my ‘treasures’ into someone’s hands.

    I even have some knitted hats I can’t find homes for. Can they go into the bundle along with fabric, needles, Etc?

  154. Jen B Says:

    Please send the address – yarn & fabric are waiting.

  155. SUSIE MONDAY Says:

    Im putting together a box.

  156. Mary Jane Meehan Says:

    This sounds like a fabulous idea! Please send the address so I can get this box in the mail this week before it is too late!

  157. Anne Says:

    This is great. please let me know where to send the box!


  158. Valerie Says:

    Please email the address to me. Thank you.

  159. Kate Says:

    I have tons of solid colors and hand dyed fabric, but mostly in pieces & scraps. Can I send those? I also have a few yards of solids, rarely used colors like lime green and bright yellow. Is that okay?
    I hope I’m not too late!

  160. Nancy Says:

    I have the address, and do not need a thank you. It is you who deserve the thank you and lots of kudos and praise for starting this. I have 2 boxes that will be on the way tomorrow.

  161. Suzanne Says:

    I want to help. Please send me the address.
    Thank you for your service and for making this happen.

  162. Andrea Says:

    What a wonderful idea. I would love to send a box of fabric and yarn.

  163. Peggy Says:

    I am moving and am eager to pass on whatever I can. I have quilting things and maybe yarn.
    Please send the address.

  164. pam Says:

    I just read all these posts and it looks as if you will be inundated with boxes! I hope that’s a good thing, because I’d love a destashing excuse too. It’s a great idea. We have something similar in New York: Companies, or individuals, can take unwanted supplies and materials to a warehouse here and then any school teacher or nonprofit organization can “shop” there for free. It’s the best kind of recycling. Please send me your address so I can get packing.

  165. Jean Pun Says:

    Please send me the address. Wonderful project. Very happy to send fabrics and yarns for someone else to enjoy.

  166. Christy Says:

    I’d love to lighten my fabric stash and help out. Please send me the address. I’ll post about IBOL on my blog too. Thanks!

  167. Jane Avery Says:

    A brilliant idea..anyway we can help make their lives better through sharing our abundance..is a great way to help spred good will and express our hope for peace in their country.

  168. Jane Avery Says:

    Please send me the address for the box

  169. Spiral Flame Says:

    please send me the address so i can send a box – i stumbled across your site and then lost the url ~ glad “Whip It Up” put it back up!!! Thanx for doing this – wonderful idea!!!

  170. Karen Ramsey Says:

    You send the address; I’ll send a bundle.

    Thank you for organizing this peaceful effort and for encouraging us all to put our own cares aside and make this world a little bit better.

  171. Marisa Says:

    Please send me the address – I’ll be putting together a box right away!

  172. Tom Haney Says:

    Please send address. My wife and I both have fabrics to send. Thank you for doing this, it’s a great idea.

  173. jmw Says:

    Please, please send the address! And thank you so much for organizing this!

  174. Kristen Judkins Says:

    Please send me the address, I would love to send a bundle. I know plenty of others who would probably like to send bundles as well, can I share the address with friends directly or should I direct them here? Its pretty close to the deadline, I just found out about it so I’m thinking in the interest of getting more bundles out. Let me know.

    Thanks for organizing this, it’s a great idea.

  175. bec Says:

    I have some yarn I would love to send, if that is all right.

  176. Rose Sell Says:

    I was wondering what to do with my excess STUFF. I can’t wait to send my extra to someone who needs it more than me. Thank you.

  177. Patty Burlingame Says:

    I’m racing against the calendar to see how many bundles I can put into the mail before the Sept 7 deadline! I liked your comment “how could someone part with this?”

    I have the answer: Knowing someone will really appreciate and use it! Having said that it’s not easy to part with these beautiful and sometimes expensive “friends” I’ve known some of these fabric pieces longer than I’ve known my husband. LOL

    Anyhoo, I’m packing needles thread trims notions scissors and more thread. anyone sewing is going to need those items as well. (I saw where someone was sending a boatload of buttons. Right on!)

    I don’t see much mention of sewing machines? I want to include machine needles and feet (what the heck–I can get more) if there’s a use for those items.

    We lived without electricity for 85 days in 1995, so I know how that feels. I’m wondering machines and electricity being available? Please forgive me if that question sounds ignorant.

    And thanks for this wonderful project. You are brilliant!

  178. Beth Bowles Says:

    What a great idea! I just heard of this on Ravelry, and I’d like to send some yarns, maybe some small beads if those would be useful. Do you know if the women would welcome stitch markers? I make them, and would be happy to send several sets. Thanks for this opportunity!

  179. Karen in Georgia Says:

    Address, please. Someone said to send things which delight you, and they are bound to delight the recipient.

  180. Joanne Says:

    What is the date you need this by?

  181. Bobbie Mayhew Says:

    Please send address, I want to send some things.

  182. Diane Turscak Says:

    Ok, I’m in….I have enough fabric for 7 lifetimes…I can share!

  183. Nancy Says:

    Keep getting comments… but have not received an address to send to. What’s up?

  184. Donna Says:

    Please send me the address for mailing the IBOL.
    Thank you,

  185. Jan Sturm Says:

    I am delighted to find such a wonderful project! As all sewers do, I have a good deal of fabric ~ also yarn. I’ll be so happy to put it to good use. And I also want to thank you for serving in the military. My husband is a 21 year veteran of the Air Force, and I really appreciate all those who are willing to serve today ~ and their families at home. God bless you!

  186. superhooker Says:

    Could you send me the address, please? I’d love to send out a parcel!

  187. Dolores Says:

    I’m cleaning out the sewing closet tonight. Please send me the address for the bundles. Thanks!

  188. Marcie Says:

    Please send me the address – I have lots to share!

  189. Laura Rumelhart Says:

    I have yarn and knitting needles I’d like to send.

    Thanks for all you do.

  190. Theresa Rugenius Says:

    Would love to have the address. I just found out about this – and would like to see if I have some things to send! I picked up a box today! I have to work fast to get it out in time, though! I’ll be giving it a shot, though. Thanks…..

  191. Nancy Says:

    Please send the address. This is a great idea and I will be sending you a box. Thank you for letting us help you!

  192. Kristin Says:

    Please send me the address. Thanks!

  193. Amber Says:

    Sign me up! Please send me the address.

  194. Terri Says:


    I create custom wedding dresses, one recently for a bride whose fiance at the time (now husband) surprised her and sent beautiful silk fabric for her wedding dress from Iraq where he was stationed. How fitting to send the extra pieces back! Along with other items that may be useful.

    Please send me the address!

    Portland, Oregon

  195. Pam Furry Says:

    I’m going to work on this today & try to get 2 boxes out by Friday..so I look forward to your sending me the address! Great program, great idea! My closet thanks you!!

  196. Lya Coulter Says:

    Maj. LaFlamme:

    I hope this finds you and your unit doing well. I, too, am extremely happy to join this endeavor. I’m picking up two boxes tonight – and I was wondering what to do with stash I know I will never use!

  197. Martha B Says:

    I would like the address to send to the IBOL project. Thank you for doing this.

  198. Ridgely Johnson. Says:

    Thank you for taking this project on. Please send me the address-

  199. FL Says:

    Here via whip-up. If a box from the UK stands a reasonable chance of reaching you in time, I’m in. If not, I’m with you in spirit.

    Does the box size matter? If so, it’d be very helpful if you could you give rough measurements. Thanks.

  200. Kathy Shy Says:

    May I have the address please? Thanks for taking on this project with your wise and caring heart. Is there a chance that others will carry on after you return home?
    Kathy S

  201. Jeanne Says:

    Please send me the address. Thanks for helping me clean out my sewing room.

  202. Valerie Young Says:

    Please send me the address! Thanks!

  203. Jeannie Says:

    Please send me the address. Thank you for your service to our country!

  204. Bes Baldwin Says:

    Please send me the APO so I can send a box this week. Thanks!

  205. kimmie carlson Says:

    this is AWESOME! not much time left, but I would LOVE to help! please send an address, and I will make a trip to the post office tomorrow morning!
    THANK YOU for what you are doing!

  206. Martha Hunter Says:

    I would like to send a box to the ladies in Iraq. I have contacted my friends and all the 65 members of my quilt guild. I hope we can get a bunch of boxes sent. Please rush the address.
    Thank you

  207. Becky Poisson Says:

    I’m in. Send the address. Sept. 7 is Labor Day – no post. Stuff needs to be mailed tomorrow (Thurs.), Fri. or Sat.

  208. Sheri Says:

    Have lots of stuff I’d love to donate.
    Thank you for organizing this. My son just got to Iraq.

  209. Jill Says:

    I have knitting stuff and quilting stuff. Please send address. If you are leaving soon, is there someone else to send the bundles to?

  210. Lori Says:

    Hello thanks for doing this. Send me your address, good Luck! Lori

  211. Esther Says:

    Hi, I have only just found out about this wonderful project of yours but would love to send some fabrics etc. I’m in the UK so if you could let me have your friend’s address to send to in the NL I’ll get cracking putting some boxes together asap.

    Best wishes and well done for such a fantastic and heart warming project 🙂

  212. Annie Says:

    I also intend to send the package off on Saturday, if I hear back from you soon enough!

  213. Fannie Says:

    Please send address. Would love to send a bundle.

    Fannie from Texas

  214. Tammy Mabry Says:

    Hi. I want to contribute. Please send me the address. So glad I found your site before the deadline. Thank you for this good deed. May God bless you and this mission!

  215. Kathleen Field Says:

    Wonderful project. I am putting bundles together as I type. Please send me the address ASAP. Thanks so much for this.

  216. Holly B Says:

    The Zombie Prom Date Knitters would like to pitch in! Give us the info! Please.

  217. Susan Says:

    I would love to send a box “Full” of supplies. Please send me the address, if its not too late.


    Also, please include whatever information I need for the international shipping label.

  218. Ping Says:

    What a great idea! Please send me the address. Thank you!

  219. Amanda Graham Says:

    Please send me the address. I have some good quilting and knitting stuff.

  220. Kathy McAllister Says:

    Please send me the address…. I would love to send a bundle.

  221. lori Says:

    Thank you for your efforts. What good karma! Please send me the address. I have a box packed.

  222. Wendy Says:

    Hey this is soo cool–I will forward to my quilting group and Guild. I’ve got short time to send something, but here goes….
    Wendy in NorCal

  223. Iris Says:

    Great project. Address please. And a hearty thank you. I

  224. Sarah Says:

    Address, please! One of my blog readers who won a contest just challenged me to make a BOL for her prize, and I can’t say no to that! I’ll mail it on Saturday. Promise.

  225. Jan Friend Says:

    What a great cause! My sister-in-law forwarded the information to me and I’m putting 2 boxes in the mail as soon as they are packed (no later than tomorrow). I also sent it on to a friend who belongs to a quilting club.

  226. karalynn Freeman Says:

    I would like to send a box, please send address. Hope this is the right place to request the address as I have looked everywhere on the site to find it.

  227. Marlene Minnaert Says:

    What is the address to whom I may send my bundle?

  228. Debbie Loizzo Says:

    Please send me your address….while you are doing that, I will be going through all of my stash!!!! Thank you! I was wondering what I should do with some of my stash!!!! And thanks for serving our country! We really appreciate it!

  229. Maria Says:

    great idea, please send the address here too!

  230. Peggy Says:

    Send me the address. I’ll send a bundle, but I can only get to post office tomorrow.

  231. Amy Says:

    Please send me an address. Thank you!

  232. Sherri Says:

    Please send address. Have you finalized arrangements for this to continue past Sep 7?

  233. Gail Says:

    Hi, please can I have the US address (I’m in Ohio even though my email is UK)? Thank you, Gail.

  234. Kathy Lee Says:

    I would love to participate! I have two bundles to send when I receive the address. Thanks for doing this and thank you also for serving. My husband is Army Reserve…send my gratitude to your wife as well.

  235. Jo-Anne Says:

    I want to send stuff from Canada (Toronto, Ontario). How do I do this? What a magnificent project!!!!!

  236. Donna Weible Says:

    I’d like the address as well.
    A great cause.
    Thank you for organizing this.

  237. Jody Says:

    Please send me the address. Great idea!

  238. andrea Says:

    Please send the address. Also, the customs form asks for a phone number, email, and option in case of non-delivery (abandon, return, redirect), can you send that info as well? Thanks for a great opportunity to share.

  239. Jennifer Jenkins Says:

    Just learned of this yesterday. Will someone be continuing this project after Sept 7?
    I had heard of a project like this in Afghanistan but could never find out more. Does anyone have info on that?
    Thank you for this effort that so many can participate. We feel for these people, innocent mothers and children, and can pray for them. But this is something Tangible we can do.
    Thank you,
    Jennifer Jenkins

  240. Sue James Says:

    Just sent a comment. Not sure if it really sent. Trying again. Great idea. I have just bundled up a box. Please send address.

  241. Betty Says:

    Wish I heard about it sooner. Please send the address. I work for the Post Office, shipping is easy! Bless you and the work you do!

  242. doris choi Says:

    I too am a quilter: hand quilter only and have loads of material I can gladly
    share. Please send me the address so I can begin the process. Thank you
    for taking on such a humanitarian project.

  243. doris choi Says:

    Expect to hear from you soon. Mahalo

  244. Lauren Avery Says:

    A wholesale fabric company yesterday offered me a full bolt of solid black fleece to use for fundraising for my sister’s halau (hula school). I will contact them today and ask if I can send it to Irag instead, as black fleece in Iraq is far more appropriate than in Hawaii. He just wanted to give it away to make a difference to underprivileded people. Can’t think of a better use of this gift. Please send the APO address. Won”t be able to afford to send the whole bolt right now but if there is a future address to send more to I will. Mahalo, L. Avery

  245. Laura Jane Says:

    Thank you so much for this fantastic project! Would love to send a box. Could I please get the address. Again thank you for all your hard work.

  246. Kay McClain Says:

    Any poissibility that some other person might “adopt” this project?? I am visiting the Islands and will go buy some stuff but have tons of stuff at home that I would dearly love to find a good home for!! Mahalo – Kay

    (please forward me your address so I can make the deadline!!)

  247. Christine Valles Says:

    Aloha IBOL Guy, please send me the address for IBOL. I have lots of wool fabric that does me no good here is Hawaii, but, as a sewing fanatic, I can’t bear to part with — except for this great cause. It will be good to have you home. Chris

  248. JudySmith Says:

    I’m packing my bundle and will get it in the mail tomorrow. Thanks for the opportunity!

  249. ConnieB in OH Says:

    What a great idea! Please send me the address to send to. Thanks!

  250. Anna Hammer Says:

    I would like the address. I have lots of yo-yos and fabrics and no time to sew or quilt due to my full-time job, kids, and Chinese language lessons. Can you also take some quilting mags?
    Thanks. –Anna

  251. Maxine Oakeson Says:

    Please send the address…

  252. L. Andersen Says:

    I have zippers, spools of thread and buttons galore. Please email me the APO address so I can mail them. I’d like to meet the Sept. 8 mailing deadline.

    Terrific project !

    L. Andersen

  253. Ellie Lott Says:

    Pls send all requirements for mailing

    include t-shirts? soxs? other clothing?

  254. Ellie Lott Says:


  255. Kaye P. Gerber Says:

    I just found about this tonight and feel a great need to do something about it if I still have time. Even one box would warm hearts!!

  256. Janice Spence-Sharpe Says:

    I’d like to send a bundle. Please send me the address. Thanks. Janice

  257. J Parmley Says:

    I’d like to send a bundle….have fabric sitting around that I haven’t used and feel guilty about!! Would love to pass it on to someone who can use it. Please send me the APO address. Thanks for doing this!! Joi

  258. Elaine Bishop Says:

    My quilting bee meets on Sept 10. Is that too late to send some boxes?

  259. Sandra spiewak Says:

    I would love to destash. Please send me the address. Sandy

  260. Ltakahashi Says:

    What’s the mailing address?

  261. Ann Brewer Says:

    I would love to send some fabrics and supplies. Please send me the address and I will downsize my supplies right away!!! Mahalo

  262. Susan Fiorentino Says:

    Hello from Rome Italy,
    I belong to the International Quilt Festival of Houston and heard about your project. Immediately I posted your site to my 2 quilt guilds in Italy and my quilting friends, both Stateside and in Italy. Hopefully, some were able to meet your deadline. I do have several quilters who still want to send bundles after your deadline, so they ask… will the project continue? I wish I had known about it sooner!

    Quilt hugs,
    Susan Fiorentino
    Rome Italy

  263. Shiadani Resendiz Says:

    Can I have the address?

  264. Pamela Smith Says:

    I have a bundle ready. Please send the address.
    Thank you!

  265. Debbie Gordon Says:

    Please send me your address so that I can get a box in the mail by Tuesday. Thank you for doing this, it’s an awesome idea!

  266. Casey Says:

    I’m sitting here up to my knees in craft materials and fabric. Please send me the link and my kids and I will get something together to ship Tuesday!

  267. Puanani Frobel Says:

    I have some nice heavy muslin that should come in handy

  268. W. Sorakubo Says:

    Read about IBOL in the Honolulu Advertiser. Such a wonderful idea! Wish I had heard about this earlier. Thank you for all your hard work and for caring from the heart. Please send me your address. Aloha & Mahalo from Hawaii!

  269. Dorothy Dale Says:

    I have a closet full of scraps – I should be able to find pieces big enough to be useful. And i have more buttons than I know what to do with If you sent the address, I will mail on Tuesday morning (Monday is Labor Day so no labor for the post Office).

  270. Helen Pierce Says:

    Our church sewing group read Lee Cataluna’s article in this morning’s Advertiser. We have fabrics , lots of them, that we would love to send to you for the Iraqui women. We also have thread and needles. Where can we send them – I realize that you will be deployed home soon so there is a short window period to do this. Good luck on your ministry. Please send the APO address and we will send the fabrics, etc. as quickly as possible.


  271. Susan Fiorentino Says:

    Hello from Rome Italy,
    I belong to the International Quilt Festival of Houston and heard about your project. Immediately I posted your site to my 2 quilt guilds in Italy and my quilting friends, both Stateside and in Italy. Hopefully, some were able to meet your deadline. I do have several quilters who still want to send bundles after your deadline, so they ask… will the project continue? I wish I had known about it sooner!

    Quilt hugs,
    Susan Fiorentino
    Rome Italy

  272. Pat Craven Says:

    The customs form requires a addressee phone number. What should I put down?
    Thank you.

  273. Pat Craven Says:

    One more question – If the package is non-delivered should it be treated as abandoned or sent to somewhere else?
    Thanks again.

  274. Malia Lewis Says:

    Where do I send the fabric stuffs?

  275. mary cruser Says:

    Hi – would love to help!

  276. mary cruser Says:

    Would love to help! You are doing a great thing. God bless you.

  277. Alicia Ryan Says:

    Just found out about this today – would love to send something from the UK. Is there still time??


  278. Lily Says:

    I mailed you a bundle box via APO on Friday, September 4. This is such a great idea….does it end soon or can it continue?

    Thank you – this is such a great idea !

  279. Karen Porter Says:

    Since the deadline was extended to the 8th, I would love to send out two boxes. Have thread, buttons and fabrics ready to go as soon as I receive the address. Thanks! Karen

  280. Julie Croston Says:

    If not too late, I can get something in the mail tomorrow.

  281. Lisa Broberg Quintana Says:

    I’m sending a box. I have the address…but if the customs forms need a telephone number, I’ll need that too.


  282. Kay McClain Says:

    In the mail. I was the 7th person in the first hour at the Honolulu Airport Post Office. They were impressed with the effort and promise to take good care of the boxes. (Also one man was mailing LIVE chickens to another Island. You should have seen his boxes. Would have held enough for 15 bolts of fabric!! Of course if it had been fabric you would need a fork lift to carry/move around!!) Hope all is well. Aloha – Kay

  283. Lauren Avery Says:

    I am disappointed that I never received the address of where to mail the boxes. I understand how busy Maj. La Flamme is and how inundated he must be from all of the well-wishing people who want to participate. If there is another program being generated out there, I would love to have the contact information, so I can send “Bundles of Love” to Iraq.

    Thank you.

  284. Lindie Wightman Says:

    Dear Major La Flamme,

    I never thought I’d be able to part with so much fabric and yarn, let alone be so joyful about it. Eighty-nine pounds of of supplies (8 boxes) are on their way.

    Have a safe journey home, Sir.

  285. Robin Says:

    My first stop this morning was at the Post Office. $132 and 45 minutes later, ten boxes of fabric and sewing supplies and one of yarn and knitting needles were on their way to Irag and everyone in the post office was smiling. Of course, never being one to do things by halves, I got completely carried away and made drawstring sewing bags and stocked them with basic supplies: needles, thread, seam ripper, tape measure etc. What a pleasure and a privilege to participate in re-building this country. Do you happen to know anyone in Afghanistan who might be interested in hosting a similar endeavor?

    Thank you for your inspiration to us all and your service to our country as a peace builder.


  286. Janet Coronado Says:

    I got a box filled and sealed, then started looking for an address. It is now the 8th, and if you send the address to me, I will find a way to open the box and bundle it according to directions.

  287. Sue Crane Says:

    I just found out about this, but it is 9/9/09. Is it too late if I send a package tomorrow. Thread buttons and scissors. If it is too late, if someone takes over when you leave, let me know. Good project!

  288. Jan Thompson, Spring TX Says:

    Al, Jut wondering how the project is going? I mailed my pkg on Sept 8. It didn’t contain the emerald green fabric I promised because my granddaughter saw if and it would make a great back for her quilt. BUT, I included some more stuff to take it’s place. I hope you can keep us posted on how many packages you get. I expect a avalanche. If we’d had more time, it would have been even more successful.

  289. Mary Tokumaru Says:

    I just found out about this. If it’s not too late, I’d like to participate. Please let me know. Thanks.

  290. Karina Potestio Says:

    I would love to send a bundle if it not too late, how do I get the address.

  291. Tammy Says:

    We just heard about the project through one of our employees. My company is a Honolulu manufacturer of resort wear and would love to send something. It seems like we might be a little late…let us know if we can still do something. Aloha!

  292. Susan Fiorentino Says:

    Can you provide a follow-up on this project?

  293. Karin Says:

    I think non pictorial is essential as that is prohibited in Islam. That is why you have all this wonderful abstract patterns.

  294. Janet Says:

    What a wonderful project! I want to send a bundle. Please send me your address.

  295. Karen Says:

    Please send the address,

  296. Mary O'Neil Says:

    Hi, I think my request also fell through. I have lots of fabric and supplies to send and desperately need the address. Please.

  297. Lisa Quintana Says:

    Ok Guys, I’ll answer this. Please note the date on the original post. This has been over for a year. I don’t believe that they continued it for 2010. The originator I believe has left Iraq.

    If I’m wrong and the project has continued, you will probably hear back.

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Lisa, IBOL II is very much alive and kicking. I have some new contacts in my old stomping grounds, and while I am living the good life in Hawaii, they’ll receive and distro the stuff!

  298. Mary Bernower Says:

    Please send me an address to send bundles of love to Iraqui women. There are some of my guild members interested in sending bundles.
    Thank you so much.
    Mary Bernower

  299. Thea Chambers Says:

    Please send me the address, my clothing fabric piles overflow!

  300. Cheryl Moncrief Says:

    Please send the address. I am in a large Guild and know they will be interested. Cheryl

  301. Cathy Perlmutter Says:

    Please send me the address, so I can donate! Thanks!

  302. Darlene Ham Says:

    Please send me the address. I have fabric to donate.

  303. Iraqi Bundles of Love 2.1 | About Quilts Says:

    […] HERE for information on what to send. While any type of fabric would be gladly accepted, solid colors […]

  304. Iraqi Bundles of Love 2.1 « Woodhaven Studio’s Weblog Says:

    […] HERE for information on what to send. While any type of fabric would be gladly accepted, solid colors […]

  305. Tom the DH Says:

    We’ll start a collection on our fabric forum as well.

  306. The Slapdash Sewist Says:

    I saw the question had been asked but I don’t think I saw an answer–are hand-sewing or machine needles preferable? I can send both if the machine needles will be any use (my 80+ year old treadle takes modern machine needles, but not sure if they have any sewing machines at all).

  307. Tracey Says:

    i’d love to send a bundle, looking forward to receiving the address!

  308. myrna sossner Says:

    Do you have any photos posted of the fabrics put to use?

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      I have a few photos of the bundles being handed out. I think I still have a few from one of the visit to one of the coops, which shows some of the items made later. None like that, yet, from IBOL II — just boxes having arrived.

  309. myrna Says:

    It surprises me that you cannot show actual items made with the materials sent with the generosity of quilters in America.
    Maybe I have been exposed to too many scam requests. I do not mean to impugne your good intentions; I am just interested.

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Myrna, I have some photos I’ll put togehter and post. It’s not much — less than a dozen, I think — but they’re from a visit to one of the local groups last winter.

      Generally, though, the idea behind all this has been to empower the local Iraqi police and Soldiers. It dates back to Ramadan, and the season of generosity. US Forces were doing the right thing, by sharing the bundles with their counterparts, and the local police and Iraqi Soldiers were doing the right thing by heading out to deliver the bundles. Often — far more often than not — it was the Iraqs making the contact with the locals, not the Americans.

      Odd, I know. But it was Ramadan, and that’s just a bit of how it was designed to work.

  310. Annette Harcourt Says:

    Please send me address for the IBOL packages. Thanks a bunch!

  311. Katie Bowers Says:

    Hi – I’m a bit late to the party, but think I can make the 1OCT deadline. Please send me the APO address. Thank you for coordinating this.

  312. Gail Says:

    I am glad to share, too
    Please send the address for the IBOL packages
    It warms my heart that you are doing this.
    Thank you

  313. Jan Myhre Spokane, WA Says:

    I’m excited to get my bundle in the mail on time. I just came across your project and am happy to contribute to the effort. Please send the address as soon as possible. I don’t want to be late.

  314. Diane Englander Says:

    Okay, I have yarn to send, please send me the mailing address

  315. Rebecca Says:

    Please send me the address.


  316. Shams Says:

    Can you send me the address? I’d love to get a box or two out, but I guess it’s now a rush. 🙂

  317. Stephanie Smith Says:

    Could I please be sent the address to send the fabric to.

    Thank you,


  318. 2010 in review « Iraqi Bundles of Love Says:

    […] What to send August 2009 342 comments 5 […]

  319. Sandi Gillum Says:

    Just found out about this and am cleaning my sewing room. Will send IBOL this week. Thanks for providing a way to share what we have with the women of Iraq. Please send address

  320. Kelly Craven Says:

    I’d love to participate. Please send me the address!

  321. montanachic Says:

    Please send me the info

  322. sewingandsuch Says:

    I would love to help! Please send the information 🙂 Thanks!

  323. Vineta Says:

    I’d love to participate! Please send me the address. Thanks!

  324. peggie Says:

    I’d love to contribute some dressmaking fabric and notions
    Please send me the apo address
    Thanks for the great work

  325. Margaret Yanish Says:

    Please advise address and deadline to make May shipment, will they be doing another collection for the orphanage soon?

  326. Barbara Judisch Says:

    What a great way to share some of the fabrics I have stashed but have not had time to use. I always seem to buy more than I need and this will give me a guiltless way to purge!

  327. Deb Anderson Says:

    Please send me a address and deadline to send. I would love to send a package. Is there any preferences of items needed ?.

  328. Deirdre ASbbotts Says:

    Address please

  329. Warm and Fuzzy Stash Busting « montanachic Says:

    […] How did I sew all that you may ask?  I didn’t!  I put it in a box and sent it off to IBOL.  IBOL is a project that gets fabric to people in Iraq in need.  Go to their website and check it […]

  330. Lois Robinson Says:

    Please send me the address. Thank you. You have a wonderful project.

  331. Sue Says:

    First I’ve heard of this project, need more help in getting the word out! Love, love, love this idea! Send me the address!

  332. Linda Mulrath Says:

    I need your name. If my work place diversity council participates and we bundle approx. 25 or boxes can you assist with the shipping of such a large amount.

    Thank you for presently a wonderful idea!!!

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      You asked, “If my work place diversity council participates and we bundle approx. 25 or boxes can you assist with the shipping of such a large amount.” The short answer is I can’t. IBOL is a currency-free operation. There are no funds, there is no money, it doesn’t exist outside of the contributions of the volunteers themselves. It’s part of the very structure of what IBOL is.

  333. Barbara Gibbs Says:

    Art – please send me the address. I have fabric and so does my Mom. I’m at her place right now, so we’ll go ahead and pack a bundle of her stuff to send you. I have a whole footlocker of wool fabric I’d like to get rid of and I can’t think of a better cause!

  334. Annie Wagar Says:

    I have two sewing groups and am President of a good sized quilt guild…..we all what to be a part of the Bundles of Love.
    I have already filled one box to send and will put together a few more from my stash before the week is out.
    But I do need to have the address so I can send the boxes and to pass on to my friends and the quilt guild.
    Can’t wait to hear from you, Annie

  335. Nancy Landset Says:

    This is a great way to help others. I’m sprinting to my stash to pack up what I won’t use to send to someone who will.

  336. Deb Says:

    I want to help! Please send me the address!

  337. Peggy Smith Says:

    Love to help–please send address!

  338. Nancy Elkin Says:

    I just read about your project in a quilt magazine and my quilt bee all decided that they would like to participate. Please send me the when and where to send the bundles. I am in the process of cleaning out my sewing room and have LOTS of extra fabric and notions to make bundles.

  339. Jeanne B Says:

    Please send address for summer 2011. Thanks.

  340. Susan Carlton Says:

    May 27,2011
    Please send me the address. I already went to the post office and picked up 25 boxes to hand out to my quilt guild to fill in Galveston, TX. Thanks for organizing such a great thing and allowing us all to participate in it.
    God Bless

  341. Barbara Drewry Says:

    I would love to participate! Please send address! :-):-):-)

  342. Mari Heidt Says:

    What a great idea. Please send me the address. I’d love to help.

    Two questions–upholstery fabric? (2-3 yard pieces) Dress-weight knits?


  343. Claire Says:

    I need the address please.

  344. wordygirl Says:

    Is there a deadline for 2011 mailing?

    Please send me the address when you have time. Thanks so much.

  345. Headed to Iraq | Rumen Nation Says:

    […] Priority Mail postage to APO’s is discounted, so you pay only $11.95 a box.  See the website for details, and leave a comment on any of the posts to request the address.  You can see more […]

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