Two new ideas

OK, maybe not new.

I ran across these two articles (here, here).  I figured I’d ask — what are your thoughts on this>

School supplies would easy.  But support to Afghan women who make jewelry?

And yes, I actually had a query from Afghanistan about supplies for the Kuchi women who make this style of jewelry.

15 Responses to “Two new ideas”

  1. ml Says:

    I am enchanted by the jewelry, and have excess beads (semi-precious gemstones) from beading work, but not sure exactly what they would need/want????

  2. Dawn Says:

    i support education, period. especially for kids who are the future. i read the article and it kind of sounded like they might already have a lot of people working on this one though – even a local store that was going to donate stuff. just wondering if we would be duplicating efforts in this case? or do i misunderstand?

    and the jewelery is gorgeous! what kind of help were they asking for in this area? inquiring minds want to know ( at least mine does 😛 )

  3. skla Says:

    I did send some seed beeds and needles/thread–thinking they could be used for embroidered fabric projects for resale rather than jewelry. Lots of crafts stores with beads, but so many choices. Would need more info on what the Kuchi women actually could use (type of beed/thread/wire?findings?). Or not. I had a whole box of seed beeds lying around for years, so maybe other people would also and the women could improvise.

  4. skla Says:

    beads i mean…. 😀

  5. WOTN Says:

    Here’s one that might be very much in line with what you’re looking for:
    That program gets right to the basics and is seeing some growth around other colleges/universities. If nothing else it might provide you the framework for how to set it up.

    As to beads, Afghanistan is fairly plentiful in semi-precious stones. I don’t know if that would effect what you’re considering on that one or not.

  6. WOTN Says:

    And this may give you more ideas: (where all such stories should end up):

    (And I see you have comment moderation on. It’s fine if you don’t publish these. I found your site because of your earlier link. And I remembered the earlier story which could be helpful to you. That effort was started by a now retired USAF NCO.)

  7. Nancy Anne Says:

    I think we need more info on specifics in both cases. While it sounds like the schools might be getting some help, I’ll bet there are still gaps in what they receive. As for the jewelry, again need deets. The beads from Joann’s don’t look like they fit into the pictures of the Kuchi jewelry. If you could be our research assistant and get the required answers, I’ll bet there are a lot of us out here ready to help out – as usual! :o) Just let us know what to send and when and where. We are here for you!

  8. gayle ode Says:

    I have no knowledge about jewelry making or supplies but I can do school supplies. G.O.

  9. Ellen Chatterjee Says:

    I also sent beading supplies along with fabric. Be happy to send more. Would these go to the same address?

  10. Anne Wilkins Says:

    My fabric box is ready to send. Could I send school supplies [pencils/pens/spiral notebooks] in with the fabric?

  11. Teresa Gemignani Says:

    I think investigating the jewelry would be a good thing….If you teach a man to fish, he can provide….you know. Anyway, helping to provide women with a way of earning a living will promote better environment for the family, the children, and provide for educating all the children. I am up for supporting that!

  12. obscure Says:

    I have included seed beads in a previous IBOL bundle, figuring they could be used for decorating clothing. Also added chalk and crayons to the last two IBOL bundles. I have bought chalk, pencils and crayons for my ABOL bundles. I have more odds and ends beads–figuring that even if they aren’t traditional, children could use them for their own practice/enjoyment.

  13. Marigold Says:

    Jewelry-making is a pretty popular hobby right now. The question is whether the kinds of beads and jewelry findings you can buy at bead stores or at Michael’s are suitable. If they are, you could probably get a good bit of participation. No doubt beaders, like quilters, have stash! And certainly, folks would be willing to share school supplies for kids.

  14. Deb Says:

    School supplies are an excellant idea. Easy for the FET’s to hand out. I would gladly help. I’m a beader with a stash, but any thing I have seen Afgan is metal work with stone inlays and not beads. But hey I can be wrong.

  15. diane Says:

    Please send the address for the FPO to send a bundle. thanks.

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