SSP2: The Festival Brigade

I few weeks ago, I was approached by Karey from — the folks that put on the International Quilt Festival every year in Houston. Love what you’re doing, she said, and we want to help.

Great, I said.

One problem, she cautioned. We did this once before, and the response was enormous. How large can IBOL scale?

Dunno, I said. Let me see what I can resource.

A few days later — early this past week — I met with some folks here and got some access to a warehouse. We talked distribution some, too — IBOL could go large, so to speak.

Well, it sure looks like it’s going large. has posted a lovely piece on their website about IBOL, and is apparently emailing it to a few people as well.

Not being a quilter, I hope this is an accurate statement — apparently, they have some street cred, and a few people listen to what they say.

So, there is it. The Festival Brigade, the (likely?) tens of thousands that has brought to the IBOL efforts. They are mustering an Army of their own, to support this effort, because they, too, apparently believe in IBOL.

So, welcome to the unit, Festival Brigade. We welcome the company and the help.

And I have to ask — what’s the knitting equivalent of this? I’d sure like to find it, you know, for balance.

20 Responses to “SSP2: The Festival Brigade”

  1. gail norback Says:

    Congratulations on your roaring whirling successful idea!! You rock!! Gail

  2. Mary Joseoph Says:

    I received an email about Bundles and it included the following address. I want to be sure it’s correct. This is fun!
    Mary Joseph

  3. Magpie Sue Says:

    After your second post today (8-27) I’m really curious to know what SSP2 is!!

  4. IBOL Guy Says:

    Oh, sue…. You have to wait! it’s super secret!

  5. Nadine Says:

    apparently, they have some street cred, and a few people listen to what they say

    Oh yeah, just a little street cred… 🙂

    You’re still the Man, Art. You’re the Man.

  6. not supergirl Says:

    Here’s what I’d do if I wanted to communicate this to more knitters:
    1) Tell Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot. She can mobilize people like you wouldn’t believe, and she has a caring heart. There are tons of other knitting blogs out there, too. Knitters love to help!
    2) Create a presence on Ravelry ( It’s this website, and I can’t even explain it. Imagine a place where your fellow hobbyists hang out to discuss projects and techniques. Now imagine that this place has room for you to note all of your own projects, tools, books, patterns… and everybody can search them for ideas. If I knit pattern A with yarn B and size X needles, someeone can see what it looks like. I’m there as not supergirl and will be happy to talk it up. I’ll see if I can round up some others to create a group.
    3) I’d also communicate it to some podcasters. Brenda Dayne of Cast On just complicated a wonderful series with the theme of “Make Do and Mend”. This fits! She’s not podcasting right away, but maybe she’d use her reach somehow. And, another popular podcast is Lime & Violet. It’s easy for me to imagine them being supportive. Miss Violet, especially, has been working on simplifying and destashing and encouraging the same.


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  8. Edie in Topanga Says:

    Knit equivalent is
    Stephanie McPhee – a knitter and author.

    But I would say tell about it – they are huge. and people look at it daily.

    • not supergirl Says:

      Edie in Topanga, are you on Ravelry? If you are and would be willing to help me with a group, please let me know. Thanks!

  9. kern Says:

    I emailed Stephanie but I haven’t heard anything. I also started a thread in the metagroups under Iraqi Bundles of Love in Ravelry. If three people will join the group I think it will move to the main group page and folks will see it.

  10. LaceLady Says:

    I’m on Rav, but have no experience with moderating, so thank you for the “heads up”.

  11. Toni Says:

    Here is a link to kern’s post in the Metagroups in Ravelry:

    Thanks for starting one kern. =)

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  13. Patty Mulford Says:

    What do I put in the phone # section of the customs form – or should I just put mine there too?

  14. S. Steers Says:

    I have a couple of bundles to ship and am telling my quilt group about it tomorrow. I need to verify the address.

    thank you.
    S. steers

  15. Lynn in Tucson Says:

    Oh! Ravelry’s the knitting equivalent! I’m sure you’re there somewhere but I’ll get right on it.

    (Beats working for a living.)

  16. Elizabeth J. Wood Says:

    Need the address. Also are you set up to handle cash donations to buy and ship sewing supplis to Iraqi women? THAT I could claim on my taxes, always a consideration.

  17. Faye Says:

    Congratulations on undertaking such a wonderful project. I just read about it this morning in the Honolulu Advertiser. I would like to make a contribution and would like address where it should be mailed.

  18. Karin Says: is the knitting “queen”

  19. and Sew, Mama, Sew! « Iraqi Bundles of Love Says:

    […] headed to the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  How huge was their support?  I called it Super Secret Project 2 (SSP2, in IBOL-speak) and it sent a huge flock of people towards the site.  This year, […]

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